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Domain Name is Just Like Real State So Invest Now

Jan 12, 2011 by     25 Comments    Posted under: Announcement, Feature Post, SEO Tips, Tips and Tricks

I believe that domain name is just like a real state, In real state people buy new lands for future house while in the net geeks buy domain name for future website. If you have not made any investment in domain name, I would suggest you get it now. Time pass by and lots of internet users are already thinking of having an investment in the net. It will only cost you $7.49 in Godaddy.com

Here are some suggestion on what domain name you can invest for future use.

  1. Your Name dot com
  2. Your Province dot com
  3. Your Town Name dot com
  4. Your Family name dot com
  5. Your School Name dot com
  6. Your favorite food dot com
  7. Your favorite animal dot com

and if this dot com is already used check my suggestion on how to get a good domain name. It is now or never. By the way i just purchased my town name dot com [ TaalBatangas.com ] and as for now it is redirected to The Best of Taal Batangas

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  • Almost 8 dollar only? Is it 1 year? It’s more cheaper than the other site. Hope I can also buy one too. But IDK how can I buy this domain because I have no paypal. Even I have one, paypal need validation which required credit card.

    • @Christian Esperar,

      Actually you can also buy via Credit Card

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  • Hello, its been awhile since I visited your blog. Ano sa tingin ninyo yung mga extention na dot biz, dot org and so forth. Do you think they are worth enough to become a good domain?

    I’m currently checking your profile on FB I hope that you’ll add me.

    • @Elmoz,

      Added na 🙂 , I still believe that if someone would like to get a domain, get .com or .net if it will be used for online making money online scheme. And if you are having an organization .org is the best , for business it’s .biz..

      It general it goes with the purpose of the domain.. .com and .net could be a general purpose domain .. which i believed is the best choice.

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Great thanks, I asked it because I’m planning to buy a domain and the cheapest one that I came across is the dot info but through my searches about them, google seems to put some kind of punishment on this kind of domains. Yung hindi raw sya madaling i-rank. Anyway, dot com na lang since you mentioned it’s the best.

        Your FB profile talks about your personal life and I’m ashamed to send a message there concerning about the money making thing. Dito na lang para mas appropriate. Anyway, I often get a reply immediately as if you are always online all the time. Lol!, just kidding.

      • @Elmoz,

        No problem you can send anything about make money online sa FB ko.. maraming nag sesend doon 🙂 ,, Actually FB ang ginagamit naming communication sa batangastoday.com where I am one of the writer 🙂

      • @Dexter, ay dex. Napansin ko yung ratified.org button mo is yung lumang code parin. Nagbago na ng code yung Ratified 😀

        You can copy the new button code in your ratified page here: http://www.ratified.org/detail/381/

      • @jehzlau,
        Salamat Jez.. Binago ko na kaya pala dati di lumalabas he he he

  • I know have 200+ parked .COM one-word and two-word domains in my Godaddy account. 😀 I hope I can sell these in the near future. hehe. 😀

    • @jehzlau,

      Ha ha ha.. dami mo kasi pang invest 🙂 .. he he he less than 50 pa lang ako 🙂

    • @jehzlau,
      More than 200 is a great investment, especially if you have some great domain names. All the best buddy

    • @jehzlau, GRABE, 200 DOMAINS? THAT WOULD BE 200 X $10 = $2,000 = 88K pesos approx.
      yaman yaman !

      • @Nhoel,

        Naku chicken kay Jehz yan he he he, yung balik ng $2,000 na yan malaki.. Because he knows how to handle the investment 🙂

      • @Dexter Panganiban, OWS?
        @jehzlau, DAPAT YAN TINUTURO, heheee…

      • @Nhoel,

        Tingnan mo yung post sa blog nya about his earnings last year.. 🙂 at magtanong tanong ka na rin sa mga matagal na sa blogging industry 🙂

        Rich kid na yang si Jehz… 🙂 Peace Jehz..

      • @Dexter, hahahaha.. rich kid ka dyan! 😛

      • @Nhoel, tinuturo? ang? mag register ng domain? Madali lang naman. Punta lang u ng Godaddy.com tapos hanapin mo domain na gusto mo. Then register mo na. 😀 hehe

      • @jehzlau, ewan ko seo -heheee…

      • @jehzlau, ganyanan hah 🙂

      • @Nhoel, waaah! totoo yung sinasabi ko. O__O.

        Pero pag may iba kang ipapaturo. E-mail me lang. 😀 hehehe…

      • @jehzlau, sige lang, kapag nakasalubong kita, hindi kita papansinin 🙂

      • @jehzlau, sige lang, kapag nakasalubong kita, hindi kita papansinin 🙂 simula ngayon, dinedeklara ko na ang pagaaway natin )

      • @Nhoel, aw.. di naman sabay sabay ni register yan lahat.. naipon lang.. 🙂

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