iOS7 Update Arrived Ready for Download Now | Problems Encountered

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The wait is over, the much awaited iOS7 update is now out and ready for download. Many stated their problem in installing the updates because of tons of people who want to get hold of the new iOS7 update. Most common comments I can seen in Forums and Blogs is it’s “An Android Apps in the iPhone”. To those users who are not using and Android Phone perhaps this will be new for them but for those old android users they will feel it immediately.

I have blogged about my initial experience about iOS7 in my Saudi blog. (Check it out)

iOS7 has been released in Philippines at the same time as it is released in Saudi Arabia. There are some discussion in Apple forum that there is problem in Battery after the update, it drains fast. It is due to “Background Refresh”

For me the problem is that I felt that my iPad 2 became slow. Or maybe this is due to hardware of iPad 2 compared to New iPad and iPhone 4S.

Dictionary can now be downloaded for iBook. So if you have lots of books where you cannot understand a portion of what is being discussed you may want to check out the downloadable Dictionary with in the iBook.


I love what they have done in the Photo Apps there was a lot of improvement from iOS6. Good for Apple.

iOS7 is built for busy people, since iOS7 user will never missed any updates now, they may see all the updates they missed while their iPad or phone is closed. Calendars and Reminders will now also be seen in a nice presentation when the phone is closed. I believed I will be using this feature more often.

What I am looking for in the iBook is the highlights feature which are available in other PDF reader in the iPad. I hope this will be included in the future updates. So I will have to use Adobe reader in my office E-books.

Notes Application has also a different UI. I am still looking for more functions like what I can see at SpringPad. Anyway maybe it’s too much to ask. SO that’s all for now.

To update, in your iOS devices, just go to Settings -> General and select Software Update.

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