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Chitika Claims Nexus 7 Has High Usage

Jul 25, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: ASUS

Since the Nexus 7 tablet was launched recently, Google has not released the number of units that they have sold of what is touted as the “Kindle Fire Killer.” The Mountain View company, however, did report that its 16GB version of the tablet is now sold out for the moment, not only at third-party retailers in the U.S., but also in their own Play store. This, of course, should not be automatically equated to success because either one of two things could have caused the sell-out. Google could have simply miscalculated the demand for the 16GB version of the tablet, and thus produced a small number of the model. On the other hand, it is also possible that the demand was just too high.

Without the figures, the public is in the dark as to how successful the Nexus 7 really is. Analysts from the ad company Chitika, however, claim that they have statistics to back up the idea that the Nexus 7 is a popular tablet. There are supposedly 0.3 impressions from the Nexus 7 for every 100 impressions from the Apple iPad on the ads that they show on mobile devices. The figure does not seem impressive, but it is actually an accomplishment. The Kindle Fire, in fact, which was last year’s most popular tablet after the iPad, was able to garner around the same number of impressions.

Chitika claims that the number of impressions is still bound to rise once Google replenishes the stocks and more people are able to purchase the tablet.

The next months, however, would be interesting for Google. Apple is expected to be launching a smaller version of the iPad and Amazon will have updated models of the Kindle Fire. Will Google maintain its success? Or will it crumble in the competition?

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