Alleged Next Generation iPhone Specs Crop Up

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There is always clamor for information about Apple products, especially when that information is about an upcoming iDevice. Recently, what have been flooding tech websites are the supposed new features of the next iteration of the iPhone. The device itself is not set to arrive until September or October, but that is not stopping supply chain sources and Apple insiders from divulging leaks.

One claim states that the new device is set to have a front camera with High Definition resolution. In contrast, the front-facing camera of the most recent iPhone, the iPhone 4S is only a VGA camera, and delivers 0.3 megapixel photo quality.

On the other hand, the rear-facing iSight camera will remain, but will have enhanced features. For instance, its aperture capacity of f/2.4 will be improved to f/2.2. This camera will also be made thinner, affecting the overall look of the iPhone’s back.

Still another leak asserts that the new iPhone will be thinner, measuring only 7.9 mm thin from the previous 9.3mm measurement. This will be made possible through a new in-cell touchscreen technology.

Meanwhile, the handset’s display is speculated to be made larger. From the current size of 3.5 inches diagonally, the new iPhone will have a 4.08 inch screen. This changes the resolution from 640 x 960 to 1136 x 640 and likewise tweaks the aspect ratio.

As the launch of the next generation iPhone, one should expect more of these rumors to float around. Certainly, a few of these will be incorrect, while a number will also be true as what leaks about past iDevices have shown. As for Apple, the company should simply be thankful for all the free publicity that this curiosity is producing.

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