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Nintendo Announces the Coming of Wii U on Nov. 18

Sep 16, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Gaming

Nintendo has unveiled its new generation gaming console which features a large touchscreen controller with an 8GB memory. It also announced that the new Nintendo Wii U will go on sale in the US on November 18 with a price tag of $300. A “deluxe” model, on the other hand, is priced at $350 and comes with 32GB memory and a charging pad for the GamePad controller. The standard version comes in white while the upgraded version is all-black.

photo credit: slashgear.com

The main difference between the Wii U from its predecessor which came out in 2006 is that the new version has a wireless controller which provides the user more power and adds a new layer to single and multi-player games. The GamePad controller comes with a 6.2 inch touchscreen that adjusts to every new game. A GamePad holder is able to see different things on the touchscreen than their fellow gamers who have regular controllers that are linked to a TV set. To illustrate what the new controller can do more than the regular controller, Nintendo showed a game of chase where users of regular controllers tried to chase a gamer with a touchscreen. What the gamers with regular controllers could see were their avatars running around on the TV screen while those with touchscreens could see an overhead map which allowed him to see where everyone else is running giving him the definite advantage. This new element will be the selling point of the new Nintendo Wii U, no doubt.

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