Google’s 10th Birthday

I just saw it from Techcrunch that Google is celebrating it’ birthday also. I tried to do some research thru Google itself by just putting the keywords “ Google x Birthday “  and here is my findings. Here are the Logo that they use during their birthday.

It is also fun to see how Google has evolve and how Google’s conquer the search engine industry.

Google’s 4th Birthday – Sept 28, 2002

Google’s 4th Birthday - Sept 28, 2002

Google’s 5th Birthday sep 8, 2003

Google’s 5th Birthday5th sep 8, 2003

Google’s 6th Birthday sep 7, 2004

Google’s 6th Birthday6th sep 7, 2004

Google’s 7th Birthday Sep 7, 2005

Google’s 7th Birthday7th Sep 7, 2005

Google’s 8th Birthday Sep 27, 2006

Google’s 8th Birthday8th Sep 27, 2006

Google’s 9th Birthday Sep 27, 2007

Google’s 9th Birthday9th Sep 27, 2007

Google’s 10th Birthday Sep ??? 2008

Below pictures are the previous Google Logo used during their birthday. So how will Google’s 10th Birthday will be designed ? Whenever it is. Well I would like to greet Google A happy 10th Birthday although some says that they more than 12th year in the industry. But Still happy Birthday Google.

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