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Word Camp Philippines and Matt Matt Mullenweg

Sep 3, 2008 by     20 Comments    Posted under: Philippines, Wordpress

WordCamp Philippines If you are using WordPress it is possible that you know Matt Mullenweg , Father of WordPress. He is now in Philippines to attend Wordcamp Philippines, Well Obviously I cannot attend the said event since I am now in Saudi Arabia. So I am just giving you a heads up about the recent information in Philippine Blogosphere.

We will just get some updates thru our Blogging Friends that will be able to attend the WordCamp.

Here are some Details :

WordCamp Davao
4 September 2008
Bryan’s Grill & Café
WordCamp Manila
6 September 2008
College of St. Benilde

To the following organizing Teams , I wish Good Luck and continue to educate fellow Filipino about blogging.

Jayvee Fernandez, Gail Villanueva, Hans Koch, Markku Seguerra, Elymar Apao, Kring Elenzano, Karla Redor, Danilo Arao, Aileen Apolo, Regnard Raquedan, Matt Mullenweg  , Chuckie & Blogie.

Cheers and Happy Blogging. Just a suggestion why don’t you organize such event during Summer time 🙂 Just a suggestion.

So who are joining the WordCamp here. Let me know so that I can bookmark your blog for updates and You know what is next 🙂

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  • Really? but i do not have chance to join the word camp. Maybe next time! Thank you for the post

    • Like me, I am not in Philippines.. But next time if they will do it during my vacation for sure I will be there

  • Ako rin, nakita ko na si Matt in person, check mo picture namin hahahah!http://rhodilee.com/4-things-i-got-from-the-davao-mini-wordcamp/

    • Nakita ko nga picture nyo ng hubby mo.. it is great that you attend the event. If I were There i will see to it that I am also present

  • Hi Dexter,

    I apologize for the mix up with the names in my earlier comment.

    the davao-leg of WordCamp Philippines 2008 went well. I was able to video stream the event from 6PM-10PM (I paused streaming while we were having dinner at around 7PM).

    Perhaps you visited my blog at around the time I paused the streaming.

    Anyway, the event was relaxed and informal. Matt, one of the co-founders of wordpress, answered questions from the bloggers and several other speakers shared about their open-source projects and wordpress.

    I will be posting a recap at my blog any time soon for those who missed the event.

    • Ah.. ok. i will wait for that post. well I don’t know what is happening at wordcamp. anyway it is great that you meet matt in person

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    • Hello Kahoong thanks for linking my site first. It is now done and I have done my part…

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    • Ok na link ko na sa Link Page ko.. Naku bagong SEO na naman yan ah 🙂

  • Hmmmm.. my first comment disappeared. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    I will be attending the WordCamp in Davao later today and will be streaming the event LIVE at my blog so do drop by for updates.

    By the way, nice and informative blog. Kudos to you!

    • What happened why it disappears? maybe it is because of the browser.. i will have to check akismet for that matter.

      I hope Davao Wordcamp will be a succssful one.

      Thanks for the compliment.. much appreciated

      you may also check my other blog at http://www.dexterpanganiban.com/blog

  • Hi Dave! Thanks for dropping by at my blog. About WordCamp Philippines 2008, I will be attending the DAVAO leg.

    If the organizers allow it, I will be streaming the event LIVE at my blog so do drop by for updates.

    It will be at http://lylesantos.blogspot.com

    • OOppsss it is not Dave but Dexter.. now I found your first comment it went to Akismet

    • So what happen to your live blogging, Did the organizers did not allow it? Because I cannot see any archives about the live blogging

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  • oo nga ano.. para maraming free na blogger na makapunta dun hehehe sayang di rin ako makapunta dito… makikibakita nalang ako sa iba… 🙂

    • Oo kasi when it is summer, almost all bloggers are available including students

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