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How to Know the Indexed Pages for the Last 24 Hrs

Jul 6, 2008 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle, SEO Tips

Are you the type of Blogger who wants to check if his/her post was indexed by Google in the last 24 Hrs? Ever wonder how to do this?  Well, I just found out today and I would like to share you guys. This is just easy And I think it will benefit you if you would like to know if your post is being indexed or not.

Here are the steps to follow :

1. Go to google.com

2. Press the Advanced Search button at the side of the search bar

3. Put the following on the search space  ” site:url ” in the search box and put last 24 hrs from the Date. Please see below screen capture

Google Advanced Search

4. Then press ” Advance Search Button ” at the lower part of the page

Hope this helps in finding new index page on your site by Google.

How Important is being indexed by Google

Well if you want to increase your visitors it would be great if Big G can lead visitors to your site, and this will not happen if your page or site is not indexed by Google. So it is really very important for your site to be indexed immediately after Publishing your post. Being indexed by Google is an integral part of your SEO Campaign

Hope this post help you. Happy Blogging

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