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Screenshots of Google Square

May 12, 2009 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle

It seems that  Google is now releasing a new Google search products, and they called Google Square so here are some of the Google Square Screen Shots that I got from blogoscoped.com


The Google Squared homepage, complete with a Labs icon, offers a search box and a “Square it” button. Suggested searches include “roller coasters”, “strollers”, and “hotels in Paris”.

Google Square

The search result page for the query “small dogs”. According to Google, Chihuahuas weigh 6 lb and belong to the group “toy”.

Google Square

detail of above screenshot showing different types of small dogs

Google Squared, a Labs project set to debut later this month. It is a Search Options where You can drill down your search results, but Squared lets you add or delete results to produce the most useful “square” of information that you can save to your Google account and refer back to later according to some reviews.

Well I do not really know the importance of this new Search Product called Google Square but I hope it could help us get more specific result in Google.

There is another one called Google Search Options I think this is more interesting and I am still researching about the use of the new Search products that will be launch by Google.

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  • Another interesting innovation from the leading source of solutions, Big G. Didn’t get to have much marketing as much as Wave had though. 🙂

    • @Jonha,

      I have blog about it but in reality i have not dig this new innovation into details

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