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Amazon Kindle Fire Updated to Version 6.2.1, Sales Up Despite Complaints

Dec 25, 2011 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Daily Stuff, Mobile

Amazon Kindle fire Updated to Version 6.2.1, Sales Up Despite Complaints

It is anticipated that Kindle fire will grab the #2 spot as the best-selling tablet next to iPad by the end of this year despite some complaints the device is getting from users. That’s why Amazon is quick to response to issues that need immediate attention in order not to disappoint existing customers.

The recent one is the upgrade of the “Silk Browser” to version 6.2.1 to discuss the complaint of slow and the occasional not responding browsing experience. According to Amazon, the new version, “enhances fluidity and performance, improves touch navigation responsiveness, gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel, and adds the ability to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access.”

This is good news for the existing users since they can automatically get the latest version 6.2.1 once an update perform on the device through WiFi as confirmed by Amazon site, and it is free to download.

Although concerns of parental control and easy access to owner’s account without having a password on Kindle fire are still the main concerns from parents/customers that need to be resolved according to some reports.

Kindle fire seems unstoppable from maintaining the fire. In fact recent report says that Kindle fire is shifting the trend from hard copy books publishing to e-books.

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  • […] Kindle fire initiated a trend last 2011 with e-books at Amazon.com.  Now Apple is on its way of reinventing education with the launch of iBooks bookstore exclusively for iPad. Lots of discussions on the advantages of the project which for now is only catered to high-end market for students and schools that can afford iPad with current price of $499. In Addition Apple have made new function for iBook that will surely help student and school that will opt in the use of iBook. […]

  • I am happy about giving my son a kindle fire for a birthday present. He reads a lot and it makes him get hold of the reading materials he needed in just one touch.

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