Knife-Shaped Ceramic Portable Toasters

Toasters According to my observation, I think toasters are seldom used nowadays. But with this new design by Kim Been, toasting bread will become more interesting. Portable toaster is a handheld toaster that looks like a knife. It will be a big help to  kids in school, in your office, campers and busy people out there. This toaster is invented to warm up packed lunchtime sandwiches. This product not yet available in the market but the Korean designer is hoping that this concept will be available in the future.

The device works by spreading the heat – produced via nanotechnology using molecular-sized tubes of carbon – with the unique iron-like ceramic unit until the bread is toasted to a suitable brown, crispy taste you want. On the top side of the toaster, Heat-sensitive illustrations of vines and butterflies appear and multiply as the bread becomes more brown. These serve as indicators of how brown your bread will be. It takes two to three minutes to toast the bread, that makes it slower than the original toasters as only one side can be toasted at a time. The reinforced ceramic toaster contains highly-durable CarbonNano tubes that will not over-heat and will protect users from any skin burns.

Michelle Panganiban

Michelle is a Mom Blogger that also blogs at her Personal Blog " Myjournal ", She is a Civil Engineer by Profession. She loves blogging about Technology and Christian faith.

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