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Hacking dotPH explains the story behind the Sulit.com.ph hacking incident

Mar 1, 2009 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

As I was monitoring twitter I saw a tweet from Ade Magnaye stating a link to an explanation of dotPh from the hacking incident that happen to Sulit.com.ph somewhere in November. They have explained on how they where able to track the hacker and how they have coordinated to SEDO parking where sulit’s visitors where redirected during the hack. They have also explained on how they where able to confirm the name of the hackers. I believed this is really a very good story to share and this could also be a great resource later on. I had experienced hacking on this blog before. And I can say it is really a big problem knowing that your site is being hacked.

I would like to congratulate dotPH for doing a great investigation about that incident. So here is the reports link : “ Hacking dotPH: The story behind the Sulit.com.ph hacking incident “

Here are my hacking report that might give you a lesson to be more careful about your details :

Just A suggestion , make your password really hard to hack . and do not relate to any information about you. Please stop using 12345 …

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  • I came out to this opinion after reading the article from dotPH.

    dotPH proudly say the word “How to catch a hacker?” or should I say “How to explain further?” sa kapalpakan ng sistema sa seguridad ng dotPH? Or “How to catch an idiot?” Why Alex leaves out tracks if he’s a real hacker?

    It says there that the culprit is using the same series of IP addresses, and if he was a hacker by all means he should use different IP addresses so he will not be traced. He can use hundreds or thousands of internet anonymous proxies out there!

    dotPH were being attacked with IE 7 and Windows XP (nakakatawa) and sulit.com.ph was just a victim of the negligence and lack of security of the official domain registry of the philippines (dotPH). It is NOT TRUE that sulit were being hacked because every changes on dotPH part where sulit registrar for domain name will immediately affect sulit.com.ph website that’s why it happens.

    WHY THIS HAPPENS TO dotPH? Why lack of security in the first place?

    Do they (dotPH) have any security audit for suspicious domain registrants? Using fake names and addresses?

    Do they (dotPH) have any security audit for suspicious modifications or alterations on DNS? Or at least confirmations to the .ph owner’s email address that they are officially change their Name Server?

    Do they (dotPH) have any security audit for suspicious activity on their website’s client page?

    “Akala mo lang meron pero wala, wala, wala!” Sorry man! hehehe.

    On the Bayantel side that wasn’t supposed to be done, BayanTel should not give any information that easily, they should have waited for a court order before giving information. Only means they don’t protect their customers. This mean that we can call them anytime asking for some information and pretend that I’m someone? Di ba!

    “How to catch a hacker?” dotPH says. They’ve been pointing out names on the article and SOCO like investigations without having proof if this is really the person to catch? Is this legal? What about human rights?

    I think dotPH should be thankful for at least they are lucky because if this person was indeed a real hacker, all .ph domains will possibly be altered/deleted and someone… I mean everyone will be knocking on dotPH door eventually if that happens.

    • @Elmer M.,
      An interesting analysis of what happen to dotph. Dotph needs to study what happen deeply to avoid further problem later on

  • Hi there Dexter,

    Good day, You said that you had been hacked? Do you mind to share your story with us? (your readers?)

    And by the way, Thanks for sharing this great resource.

    zplits | What’s the latest?s last blog post..2009 World’s Richest People

  • Hi there Dexter, good day.

    You said that you’re site had been already hacked? Mind to share the story with us? (your readers)

    By the way, thanks for this great source of information. I felt scared also about my site. Even though it’s not yet at good shape. But i hope someday it will be good.

    zplits | What’s the latest?s last blog post..2009 World’s Richest People

  • Thanks for posting the link. Yes, let’s spread the news. We need to reassure people that their .PH domains are safe from hackers.

    • @Ade,
      Youre welcome. A story like this is worth sharing to all readers 🙂

  • This is an interesting story. Hope that many bloggers and site owners will learn from this article.

    Thanks for the news Dexter.

    macobexs last blog post..Siftables – Cookie-Like Computers; The Future of Computing.

    • @macobex,

      Yup. that is why when I saw the link I make it a point that my readers will be able to see and learn from it.

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