How Much Do Tech Blogger Take Per Post

How Much Do Tech Blogger Take Per Post Read Write Web published the results of their research about the income bracket of the Top Tier Tech Bloggers and Social Media Consultants regarding how much they earn in that work.

To get the information they approached 20 top-tier tech bloggers and social media consultants, half of them responded (so this isn’t a massive sample).

Their research only involves a small group of Tech blogger and here is their findings,

Most bloggers getting paid about $25 a post (with the full range being between $10-$200 a post).

  • In house/Full time bloggers earn annual pay of between $45,000 to $55,000 (with benefits) and up to $70,000-$90,000 with bonuses.
  • The real money seems to be in consulting with hourly rates not below $150 an hour and $300 an hour the most common rate named.

Read the full report and analysis at How Much Do Top Tier Bloggers and Social Media Consultants Get Paid? We Asked Them!

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