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Qube M1 Notebook is Coming

Dec 13, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Gadget

Nice to be back online. I am shifting house and we just finished our 6 days vacation, that is why Internet connection is very limited. My house internet connection will resume on Monday as per the local telephone company here in Riyadh. But anyway I just receive an email from Yehey about Qube M1 Notebook, It is great to know that there is a new Philippine computer seller Qube is preparing to launch a new netbook called Qube M1 Notebook , which will be released on December 20.

Qube M1 Notebook

With it’s size I believed it is good to have this one as a traveling Notebook. If you are planning to use this computer for work, I don’t thinks it is a best buy. It is, I believe suitable for Chatting or blogging perhaps but not for Multi Tasking computer work.

This is not an affiliate things because I am not earning from this. But I would love to receive a demo unit of this one 🙂

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