A Big Mistake by ABS-CBN

ABS CBN NEws Park PageSomebody in ABS CBN is on the hot sit now because they forget to renew http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/ . If you will access the site you will find this parked page

They have manage to change the links on their main site to display the following Logo. But they forget to chain their alpha site 

ABS CBN NEws Maintainance

This is really a big mess. The park pages will earn a lot for sure. Since there are some links saying about the

Popular Categories:

  • Today’s News
  • Online News
  • Weather Forecast

Where a certain visitors from Search Engine you will be tempted to click.

My Suggestion , Hey guys renew your site for 10 years it will just cost you $100,  I wonder how much Thousands of dollars was lost due to that negligence.


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    They parked the site while they are designing the new ABS site…Its their decision in doing so… Losing money is not their problem coz they always does.

    Julers last blog post..Lessonko.ws powered by Ipower!

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