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Do Bloggers Deserve To Be Treated Like This ?

Nov 29, 2008 by     11 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

Update : Jayce Perlas Apology Accepted by Arpee 🙂

Probably one of the most talked about person today in Philippine Blogosphere is Mr. Jayce Perlas of Perlas and Luna PR Agency. Well to those of you who doesn’t know it yet, Mr. Jayce Perlas have angered a Tech Blogger ( Arpee ). It was an incident that happened in a product launch of a certain Electronic Product handled by Perlas and Luna.

I got the news upon browsing this Plurk page , You can also see other  Plurk page where other bloggers have expressed their concern about this incident. Well I do not know Mr Jayce Perlas or Arpee Lazaro personally but the way Arpee narrated the incident it seems that there are still some PR People who does not know what blogging is.

I think those PR people, more than anybody else in that event, should know how to be polite.

But to all of you , why don’t you try to Google “ Jayce Perlas “ or “ Perlas and Luna “. Search results will show you some bloggers who already blogged about the incident. { Perhaps it will not be good for them }

But of course to Mr. Jayce Perlas , You can always say your part. You can contact any of those bloggers thru contact page.

Lesson Learned : Try to be polite even to those who are wearing Jeans in an event.

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  • This is terrible! So humiliating experience. Think bloggers should know about this, i’ll do spread the word. Thanks Bro!

    Ambos last blog post..Manny Pacquiao Wins Over Oscar Dela Hoya

    • Glad that they is already closed since the PR Man apologized already

  • hi Dexter!

    there’s an update on Arpee’s post, and Jaycee has apologized to him already.

    Roys last blog post..Our firsts without her…

    • Thanks Roy.. I have updated my post 🙂 Good that JAyce apologized already. At least the matter will now be closed

  • […] Arpee Lazaro talks about his recent “experience” during a product launch and how he was “treated” by one of the event organizers. PR agencies in the Philippines should learn from this experience. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. via TechAtHand […]

  • I met Jayce for the first time at that same event and he greeted me and another blogger warmly. We were very early then because I had to go to another event during lunch. We were both wearing jeans as well. I was actually asked if I could join them on ANC the next day to talk about the new product. Will try and ask him about this incident.

    yugas last blog post..Filipino start-up develops the Ilumina iTV

    • It is good to know that there are bloggers who were treated well on that event. If you have contacted him kindly tell him that It will be great to hear his comment about this matter.

      There is always two side of the story. He is welcome to voice out his comment to clear up this matter.

  • I think PR is supposed to mean Public Relation, am I right? It’s sad to hear such kind of word war.

    And yes, respect the clothes people wear.


    Angel Cualas last blog post..I won a Problogger Book by sharing the Best Blogging Tip

  • this is really bad news.

    thanks for the post.

    let’s spread the word.

    Roys last blog post..PR man don’t know a thing about public relations

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