Do you want to know the approved banks for your PayPal Philippines ?

Just a quick post..Do you want to know what bank can be used to withdraw from and get your earned money online.?

If you want to know the approved Philippine Banks to be used in PayPal Philippines ,  his list is written in Google Spreadsheet . Thanks to Shixi XIE for posting this.

BTW I got the link from

I have provided the list of banks including it’s paypal bank codes that you need to enter in Paypal site before you can connect to your Philippine banks and your paypal account.

See bank list here [official of banks that can be used for paypal ]

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  1. 1
    Fhe Salazar

    Hi..I want 2 have a list of appr0ved bank 2 send/receive m0ney in paypal here in Phils.,h0pe u can help me.. Presently I have a express cash w/ mastercard electr0nic l0go frm BPI, can i used this in my paypal? Tnx.. H0pe 2 hear fr0m u.. Godbless!

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    Robert Eckert

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  3. 4

    @ Amy ,

    Thanks for visiting as well.. Hope to see your feedback with regards to this EON.. I think for me I have to wait till April next year on my next vacation in Philippines to get iT..

    @ Marhgill..

    Thanks for the info for HSBC.. Nice to see that your earning is enough for your payments.. Good there will be no extra charge for next month LOL..

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