How did I got # 1 from Google SERP in Manny VS Barrera fight result

Many are asking on how I did it, thinking that there are lots of blogs and news craving to be at the # 1 spot in Google for this keywords ” Manny VS Barrera fight result “.

The post that you will be seeing today might be worth something for you and it is free for you to read and to link to my site to help fellow blogger and newbie to attain what I got thru my little experiment.

Well my site has been live in the net for almost 26 days and this is my tips on how I attain the success from my little SEO Experiment.

What is the result of my Experiment in terms of income ?

The result was great , I have received more than 3,000 unique visitors and what does this mean? Of course an increase of visitor will mean an increase of earning in Adsense. The Adsense figure doubles yesterday and an increase today based on my usual income.

Affiliates – There has been no conversion of any of my affiliate links, this is mainly because the visitor came to my site, to know who wins the fight. So nobody will care to press on my affiliate links which is all about making money online.

Is there any changes with my feed ?

When we talk about the feeds, It does not convert well, mainly because I put the link below the post, where in nobody seems to read.

When I noticed that there has been no changes in the feed subscriber, I edit the post and put it above. Right after I post the result. Then it increase a little , It started from 11 when I started the experiment and as you may see the difference today. I am pretty sure that If I just put my feed links above , It will generate lots of subscriber.

Well I might do that next time.

How did I got # 1 from Google SERP in Manny VS Barrera fight result ?

This is a very food question that many inquired. The main Idea is to direct links to your blog post from other blogs with proper and correct tags and Keyword.

Well here is my tips, This might be helpful to my fellow blogger increase their visibility in the net and also earn some income.

  • I made a post in such a way it will be peppered with the keyword that I choose.
  • I made H3 tags and put the keyword on it also

<h3>How will this new blog earn from this result?</h3>

  • I made some outgoing links and put the title Tag and the rel tag on it. ( Technorati can pick this up )
  • After posting my blog, I know it will not be easily index by Google since this is new and this is what I did.
  • I make different post from my different blogs pointing to my post which I want to be on top of the Search Engine. ( There are about 4 blogs and by the way those blogs are PR 3 and PR 4 and some are without PR but properly indexed by Google )
  • I even submit my blogpost to and ( The reason is for this site to lick some of their blog juice to mine, and so Google will follow my site thru those known blogs )
  • All links that I made that point to my blog post is with proper Title and Rel Tag as shown below

<a title=”Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera” href=”” rel=”tag”>Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera</a>

This can easily be done using Windows live Writer, or you can do it manually.

  • Be sure to give Google an ample time to index your site prior to the main event. For me I made the post about 12 hours prior to the fight.
  • Above mentioned tips is applicable to Google as per my Statistics, Since almost all of the unique visitors came from Google and I got only 15 from Yahoo.


It was fun to see that there are lots of visitors coming to your site. But here is my reminder but please be reminded of the following :

If you are expecting a lot of traffic say about 30T to 40T Pageviews you have to inform your provider and deal with them on what to do. got suspended in the time where there are lots of visitor that is coming to his site, He definitely exceed the bandwidth allocated to him and the provider is not prepared for this. Kiven has also experienced those things.

You may try to use this little experiment of mine and see wheter you can get some of the Hot Keywords in the net.

It is good to have some experiment for your blog for improvement. But you have to give the information that you have promised to your reader. Like for me the moment i knew the result I immediately edit my post and put the result. Give what your searcher asked.

An Appeal to my reader

Ooooppss I think this seems to be a long post already. Well if you want to be updated on what is going on here on this blog I suggest you subscribed to my feed and help me raised those figure in my widget.

Did this answers my promise on my last post.?

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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