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Manila Ocean Park Visit Review

Apr 6, 2008 by     17 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

Yesterday we decided to go to Manila Ocean Park ” Ocenarium “,All is excited to witness the first under Water World in the Philippines. The location can be easily located if you will just follow the location map that I have provided in my last post.

It was initially a great place to visit. The Main Entrance is great and the first stage of the trek which they called ” Agos ” has a great landscape, and nice place to take pictures.

Then after “Agos” the next stage is ” Bahura ” a place where there are lots of different kinds of fish located in aquarium. It is a dark place where you will not be allowed to use your camera with flash. Since I am just a novice in Picture taking, I do have some hard time to get the best setup for my Canon 400D. Just a tip before you go there you should study on how to take great pictures in dark places.

The fish variation is not that as amazing as I dream of. Anyway it is just like you go to aquarium fish vendor. No offense.

After ” Bahura ” there is ” Laot ” , Laot is composed of big aquarium with lots of fish on it, There is a set up of a ruin ship under the sea. This is still a dark place.

After “Bahura” next location is ” Buhay na Karagatan “, This is where you will feel you are under the sea, I taught it will be a long tunnel, but in reality it is just about 15 m to 20 meter long under water tunnel. Well I do not have the exact length but this is just my estimation. I saw small fish inside the tunnel.

It would be better if they can put some other big fishes inside that ” Buhay na Karagatan “.

The next location is the ” Ang Kalaliman “, This location is where you could find the ” Pagi ” above and the Small Sharks inside the aquarium. I taugh it wouldbe big sharks 🙂 . Anyway it is still sharks. This location is not so dark.

Then along the vicinity you could find the Multimedia Facility, where you could find books and other toch screen monitor if you would like to know more about marine life.

The next stage is the Exit. In the exit area you could find Manila Bay. So the next location will be the 2nd floor where you could find the Iver Hand Tank where the “Pagi ” is located.

There is also a restaurant at the 2nd Floor, but if you don’t have enough money just go to other place such as Sea Side where you have to buy fish and let them cook for you.

You could also find a souvenir shop where they sell T Shirt and other Marine life souvenir . The price is reasonable. Well I bought 3 shirt for my kids.

I conclusion, It was a nice experience although it does not meet my expectations but still I suggest you to come there and experience the feeling under the sea 🙂 . It would be great if they can provide discount to students. At present they give discount to senior citizens, Manila Residents and those who will have big groups.

More at my photoblog

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  • it is have FISH SPA nkakakiliti nga ee. paqkatapos qku mag pa FISH SPA prang may tuklap na yng mga gilid ng feet qku

  • it is a very interesting. me too i have been to manila ocean park. it is near in luneta park , dba ?
    it is very beautiful place. tnx xa gumawa nto kc this is my project

  • hMmm… does the student’s rate applicable to visitors who are not in bulk? My best friend and I consider the place for our “bonding” trip… =-)

  • @ Supergirl

    If I have enough resources next year I will do your suggestion

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  • those who dont want to visit the place because it simply cost them much, i’ll say visit the Park in Hongkong or Singapore. maybe it can cost them less.

    Supergirls last blog post..1

  • @ mAriEnEsS as pRinCeSs_cUtiE girL

    Medyo nahilo ako sa pagbabasa ng comments mo ah 🙂

    @ jane

    I would sggest to visit the place later.. 🙂

    Dexters last blog post..Less is More ? or More is Less ?

  • ,,,Hi..i’m pRinCeSs_cUtiE girL..!!!
    ..kHit d p q nkA2pnTa s mAniLa oCeAn pArK….
    aLam q npAkA gnDa n2….kC
    kiLa2 anG piLipnO n pNakA mRamng…
    snA bLang aRaw mkApnTa q s “mAniLa oCeAn pArK”
    ..hAaY..!!! nkU kEa nGa d q nAg ccc n
    nAging pilipinO q….!!!
    ,,aT skA pRoUd 2 b “filipinO” q..
    ..uHhmm..!!!kEa nGa iSa s buOng bnSa..
    ang pilipinaS n………
    pnAkA mRamng maga2ndng tnawin,pnaka mAramng likAs n yAmAn aT pnkA mramng tLen2………..
    …okiE d2 n lnG tnX…..sNa mAs
    umUnLad aNg atng bnSa…gUd Luck..!!!
    gOd bLeSsE..!!!

    =>mAriEnEsSpRinCeSs_cUtiE girL<=

  • Hi po, thanks for the comment, i really want to visit this place, pro gusto ko nmn yung worth naman ang gagastusin ko, masayado kcng mataas ang expectation ko sa place na ito at feeling ma madidisappoint lang me, at napakamahal pa ng entrance, oh my gulay…. tpos ganun lang… hehehe…. anyway, thanks po for the review atleast i have a glimpse na rin of this.

  • i like it

  • @ EntrepreNars ,

    Pasyal na.. para ma review mo na rin at mapatotohanan itong review ko

  • Wow…

    Naunahan niyo pa po ako kahit malapit lang kami sa Luneta(I’m from Tondo =])

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  • # Fitz ,

    Thanks. 2nd time will not be worth for sure..

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  • Good review and I agree, it’s a place that you would just go and visit once. After that, it seems not worth the cost anymore.

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  • ang ganda mana sa ocean park

  • @ sylv3rblade

    Admission Rate
    Student’s Rate : P250
    Children’s Rate : P350
    Adult’s Rate : P400

    @ Maki

    We came their early, So it is not a problem of waiting to get into the entrance area. I don’t know if there are still some areas to be opened. I have not seen any further construction.

    Dexter’s last blog post..Manila Ocean Park Visit Review

  • How long is the wait in order to get inside Manila Ocean Park?

    Is it really worth the visit this time? Are there still unopened areas? 🙂

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  • Mmm interesting. How much is the entrance for Ocean Park now?

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