PayPal to Smart Money or G-Cash ?

With the recent development of , I wonder who will take and grab the opportunity among our Giant Telecom in the Philippines. Will it be Globe Telecom or Smart Telecom.

Globe Telecom has it’s what they called Globe G-Cash that can be reloaded and use like a debit card in the mall  and Smart Telecommunication has Smart Money with also the same function as mentioned above and  where our fellow Filipino could send money from abroad to Philippines

Well I think whoever comes first and implement it, the beneficiary will be us the Online Marketer or what they called it Netrepreneur and of course also the Filipino People who are just entering in world of Online Purchasing.

So to the Giant Telecom, I have given you an idea. So work act on it now, Make the interface in between PayPal and your product.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Hi, I tried to withdraw my paypal funds to my smartmoney card and the Details in my paypal account is COMPLETED. All i need to do is to wait 2 to 3 business days before ill receive the money in my smartmoney card. Ill inform you if it will goes fine.. 🙂

  2. 8

    Hi. I asked smart about this and they told me that you can’t withdraw money from paypal using smart money. how come you guys knew about this?

    • 9

      @jannah, engot na pagtanungan mo. marami ng ngtatanong kung pano i w/draw kahit nga ung mga nasa bangko di nila alm.di ata cla aware dun.ung iba nga bago lng nila narinig ung word na paypal. hay…

  3. 12

    SMART Won over Globe in the race to be PayPal Partner

    You can use your SmartMoney with Paypal

    You may add your Smart Money card to your PayPal account. Just ensure that your Smart Money card number starts with 5299 BIN series or it is a Smart Money MasterCard type in order for you to be able to use it for online purchases.

    For your reference, listed below are the procedures for verification of your PayPal account using Smart Money:

    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Go to PROFILE and click Add/Edit Card.
    3. Please select MasterCard as card type.
    4. Type your Smart Money card numbers BUT DO NOT CLICK THE ADD CARD YET: the 16 digit card number at the front, date expiration and the 3 digit number at the back of your card.
    5. On your celfone, type or text INTERNET and send to 343 then wait for a text message that says something “Your Smart Money menu has been successfully updated. You may now make purchases via the internet.”
    6. Go to your Smart Menu.
    7. Choose Smart Money.
    8. Select Internet Txns.
    9. Select UNLOCK and wait for text confirming the unlock option.
    10. Once you`ve successfully unlock, please go to your PayPal and click the ADD Card Button immediately or else you will have to unlock it again and repeat step 7 to 11.
    11. You will receive a text message containing your 4 digit EXPUSE/PayPal Code number. Please take note of this and enter or type those numbers to your PayPal account as part of the verification process.
    12. If you`ve successfully link your card, PayPal will deduct $1.95 from your Smart Money and refund it once verification process is complete, this will reflect in your PayPal account as $1.95.

    Before you follow these steps make sure you have at least P15.00 of airtime balance.

    • 13

      @fredric, i followed the steps you said and i got verified na using my smart money. my problem now is withdrawing my paypal funds using my smart money card. how will i do that?

  4. 15

    yes my technical problem from this country phillipines here my experciene i register online from smart money mastercard#5299671028787114 and we make international smart padala and i call the smart money hotline 15177 she say if you like you wacht your money or smart money international padala you enter the smart money at the BDO machine i try more times i need the printed reciept my money i read to current balance and why the available balance is zero and im going to BDO teller line and i veryfy the printed reciep from the atm machine she say the teller line from BDO your money is a clearing i question why why why at long clering from BDO bank phillipines

  5. 16

    @mitch hi, wow been a long time since I visited this comment/post topic section. @Dezter been reading new post and kind of thinking the other day how did I found our about this blog. Oo nga pala…I commented nga pala about this topic not a long time ago. 🙂
    Anyway, yes you need to have balance kasi once na mag ve verify na sila ng tinatawag na “expuse” number (yun yung verification numbers na mag a-appear sa babawasin nilang pera from your account, sa pagkakatanda ko eh at least 1.90 dollars or peso equivalent yun I think kahit paano may at least 200 pesos ka pwede na yun, sorry ha di ko na tanda yung exact amount eh but as I said at least may 200 pesos ka, yung binabawas naman nila na yun is ibabalik din sa yo, ginagawa lang nila ang pagbabawas or pag wi withdraw (debiting) sa account natin because they want to verify if ikaw nga yun kasi once na binawas nila that amount meron nakalagay na expuse number dun sa mismong transaction. If you have BDO or whatever bank you have, it should be easy if you have online banking access. If not, just call the BDO or your bank call center and ask what was the code (expuse) under that transaction. Sensya na sa mahaba kong paliwanag, sana malinaw po. That is the importance of having the balance, other than that they doesn’t or cannot access your account balance anyway.
    Goodluck, be persistent when calling.
    =) charmist

  6. 19
    Aaron Vincent Co

    @To All, to be able to have your Smart Money Account verified on PayPal you must:

    1. Have a Smart Money MasterCard (cards beginning with 529967).
    2. Link your Smart Money MasterCard to your Smart Mobile Phone.
    3. Have the ‘internet txn’ menu on your Smart Money Menu. Text ‘internet’ and send to 343 to download the menu for free.
    4. This is a little tricky. Smart Money has a feature called lock-unlock, which protects your Smart Money from being used online even if you entered all the card details correctly. This prevents your Smart Money from being defrauded.

    Since PayPal charges your account with a minimal fee, you need to unlock your account first prior to clicking the command to verify, otherwise, it will just reject the Smart Money Card.

    Your account will automatically lock after the transaction for your own protection.

    We have had a lot of PayPal transactions since we allowed Smart Money for Online.

    Visit our website at for more information.

  7. 20
    Global Infinity Income

    I everyone, I have something to share to you guys on how to get verified using your smartmoney card on Paypal and that hindi nyo po kailangan tumawag ng paypal’s customer service.

    Follow nyo po itong procedure sa baba ang link, with screenshot po yan. I hope this helps anyone who wish to venture on online home base business like me.

    Please leave po kau ng comment after you made a successful verification.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Proudly Pinoy,
    Global Infinity Income

  8. 21

    @To All,
    About activating your Paypal using BDO debit card:
    Patience po talaga pero sa experience ko sa pagtwag sa Paypal, accomodating naman sila minsan nga lang pag baguhan or Indian call rep ang nakasagot medyo walang knowledge of all sorts of things, sa experience ko mukhang American rep ung nakasagot. I told her that my debit card have Mastercard seal on it and can’t understand why it doesn’t work. So ayun napaka accomodating, may ginawa sya eh kasi pinag wait nya ako ng mga ilang minutes.

    About Smart Money and Paypal:
    It worked the first time I did, pero make sure na bago nyo gwin ito, ACTIVATE the card through mobile first.

    I hope na madaming makagawa nito, medyo freak at patient ako pagdating sa ganito esp. sa pagtawag sa mga call centers. 🙂

  9. 23

    @ All, this procedure may or may not work kasi I experienced activating BDO debit card para ma verify ang Paypal Premiere account ko before. I had to call Paypal’s customer care and it worked pero nung ina-activate ko na Paypal ng Tita ko, hindi nag work yung debit card nya and even when I ask customer rep ng Paypal, negative ang result after several calls, I think nataon lang ng magaling ung nakausap kong customer rep ng Paypal. She was able to activate my debit card then yung expuse itinawag ko lang sa BDO call center. So what I am trying is to say could or could not be pero with persistence makukuha nyo din if paano like I did.
    When it comes to using Smart Money card, yung bago ngayon is pinasadya ng Smart Money to do online transactions so it means it can be use na talaga paying online, sa PAL nga you can purchase tickets na. That’s when I get the idea na magamit ito sa Paypal, and it worked in my case.

    • 24
      Dexter Panganiban


      I must agree that sometime there is an online problem like this and the best thing to do is to communicate to them directly. I suggest using free contact thru skype kung US kasi madalas may mga free phone number silang pwedeng tawagan …

      • 25

        @Dexter Panganiban,
        1-888-221-1161 (TOLL FREE)
        Paypal Toll-Free number using Skype (your Skype must have at least 00.01 cent credit to call toll free numbers although zero charge it has to have load credit at least).

      • 27
        charmist 11

        @Dexter Panganiban,

        Welcome Mr. Dexter.

        Add ko na din yung sa BDO (Banco de Oro)
        BDO Call Center: 631-8000
        Domestic Toll-free: 1-800-10-6318000
        International Toll-free: (IAC)+800-8-6318000

        For Smart Money:
        SMART Money Hotline: 15177 , 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648 (TOLL FREE)

  10. 28

    hello Dexter and admin,

    You have to activate your smart money first from your mobile phone to accept online transactions.
    Look at the Samrt Money Menu. Again those cards which begins with 529967 lang ang pwede.
    (Pwede kumuha ng second Smart Money card na may 529967 if lumang Smart Money ang gamit mo. Allow na 2 cards per person, just go to wireless center as usual).
    If activated ka na. Then add Card lang sa Paypal profile mo, after successful adding, makakapag withdraw ka na.

    That’s what I did.

    • 29


      Great info. That only means you already tried it. I think it will help a lot to those search engine visitors that are looking for information like what you have shared..

      Thanks .

    • 30

      @charmist11, I have to debunk this as I tried this but it still doesn’t work. My Smart Money begins with 529967xx and is active, but if I enroll it in my (Verified Business) Paypal account it still gets the same error message:

      “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

      Too bad…

      • 31


        Yes, too bad I think it doesnt work. A lot of PayManila members are also asking the same questions, and so far, nobody was able to successfully used their smartmoney to get their account verified. You can use VCC and so far, so good.


      • 32

        @PayManila, @Jake, Did you activate the Smart Money number via mobile phone to enaable online payments? You have to activate the card first before doing Paypal procedure because the Smart Money card number is not activated just yet. To do this you have to browse menu in your mobile phone and activate it.

  11. 37
    Pinoy Makes Money

    Hi Dexter,

    Thanks for your reply. Its quite unfortunate that smartmoney don’t have it yet. I hope soon they will this feature too.

    Anyways, I just talk with a friend of mine who works at Globe innove. He said, he’ll try to find away to enable GCASH to withdraw and deposit on Paypal. Isn’t great?

    Smartmoney and GCASH.. this surely be easier for netpreneur like us.

    Thanks. Have a great day.

  12. 42
    Pinoy Makes Money

    Hi Dexter, so glad that I stumbled to your site. I was searching the net for info about smartmoney and paypal. It seems that pwedi na pala mag link up yon smartmoney to paypal and use to shop online.

    Question ko lang pwedi rin ba gamitin to withdraw funds from my Paypal account to smartmoney account?

    • 43
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Pinoy Makes Money,

      Hmm as of today, I don’t think there is direct withdrawal to smartmoney.. but you can alway withdraw to your Philippine Bank and transfer it to Smartmoney via internet or electronic transfer.. Bu t I need to find a better solution than that

  13. 44

    yup its true, you could now use Smart money with Paypal….Unfortunately only smart money accounts starting with 529967 are possible… yun mga dating accounts katulad ng 557751 ang starting ay hindi pa rin possible…

  14. 72
    jen E.

    agh, o gosh. I can’t wait for that to happen. I really wish Globe does it. GCASH PAYPAL PH Waaaahhh

    jen E.’s last blog post..Unfinished Business

  15. 73
    Dexter |

    @ Allen,

    me I don’t have either smart or globe. Maybe after my vacation..

    @ paypaltogcash

    Nice to see this new methods

    • 75

      @paypaltogcash, is it still currently under construction? a lot of advertisement and turn it live and the system is not working. I can not find the link for sending money from US paypal to Gcash. Crew for chat assistance doesn’t even reply politely. They just hang up when you ask them how to find the link that’s working.

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