Philippines Intel’s facility in General Trias, Cavite is Closing

image While browsing twitter, I have seen this buzz that the Intel Philippines has announced to employees its plan to shut down its more than two-decade-old test-and-assembly facility in the Philippines. This is a news in which worst than the Manila Accenture Mass Layoff . The employees has until the End of 2009 to find new job.

The announcement was made via email sent to employees around 10 a.m. Wednesday ( january 21,2009 ) in which several sources confirmed with According to sources, the announcement was half-expected as Intel announced its first batch of lay-offs in November last year. The rest of the employees were informed about succeeding "phases" in layoffs and that they will get their separation packages in three months’ time. The Philippine Intel’s manufacturing company still employs about 3,000 workers. This morning’s email confirmed the eventual shutdown, although there was no definite timeline indicated when exactly Intel’s facility in General Trias, Cavite will close.

Intel is also reportedly shutting down at least three more facilities in other countries aside from the Philippines due to weakened demand brought about by the current global economic downturn.

Source : via LadyProgrammer

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    Global economic crisis affects everybody. Hopefully, this downturn would be over soon.

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    Thanks! Ako pala ang source ng information. Sad thing to happen, I think many of them worked since the pioneering days of Intel.

    I hope situation gets better so that the people who lost their jobs get hired back.

  6. 21

    That’s life, things like this should be on your expected list especially if you are a factory worker because sooner or later the company you work for might not handle the economic pressure and they might want to save some green to for them to also survive.

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    • 22
      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net


      I must agree.. Specially nowadays the recession is being felt in every part of the world. Sad to say Economic problem is being felt even us working outside the Philippines

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