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Pinoy Blogger Shirts Launched by Fitz Villafuerte

Jul 5, 2011 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

Blogger Shirts - Buy shirts online

While doing my daily blog hoping, I saw Brod Fitz post about his new venture, selling T Shirts Online targeting Pinoy Bloggers. T Shirts have cool design. I know Fitz ever since we’ve met at iblog, and I could say that he do what he says. There were times that I even ask him to get my award at Digital Filipino Web Awards.  Currently they are only accepting orders that can be delivered in the Philippines. I cannot get one since I am in Saudi Arabia. But for sure before my next vacation on April 2012 , I will have to contact Fitz for my family Pinoy blogging shirt. Here is the link : BloggerShirt.com . If you are in Philippines, I think Php 270 + Delivery charge, is just a little amount compared to the blogging money that a blogger is receiving every month.

Congrats Fitz and Buhay Bohemio .

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  • naghahanap ba sila ng graphic designer? 🙂

  • Hehehe looking forward to have this shirt as well. Pede ba walk-in sa store? hehehe para maka pili ng tamang size.

    Ano po pala ang return policy? if ever di kasya ang shirt?

    • @Bob,

      Kung pag dating sa store ang ala ko online pa lang sile. You can check with fitz doon sa site nila.. 🙂

  • yay! cool shirts design… :=) meron bang give-aways? 😛

    • @metalpig,

      Give aways.. hmmm.. pag isipan natin yan kapag maganda ang kita why not 🙂 malapit na rin birthday ko ha ha h 🙂

  • Woot! Thanks Dex for blogging about Blogger Shirts!

    And don’t worry about waiting until April next year, international shipping will be available before the year ends hopefully. 😀

    • @Fitz,

      Welcome Fitz.. sana lang yung shipping di mas mahal sa shirt ha ha ha ..

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