Red Mobile the Newest Prepaid Network in Philippines

image I might be late telling you about the latest prepaid Network in the country today. Well I am talking about red mobile , This is a company that will try to impress the Philippine phone users with their 3G service.

The only glitch is that they require a 3G Mobile Phone. Well I don’t know why.. Although there are some blogger’s who already covered this information I there might be somebody out there who have not yet heard about the news. So Here it is 🙂

I just hope that their service will be better that other network. Although I cannot test it, I know time will come that if they will become successful they will also have their international roaming service. For now let those blogger living in Philippines test the system.

Well according to other Tech Blogger in Philippines Red Mobile is the old Umobile in Philippines which is also related to Smart.

They are telling the public that they have the Lowest Per minute rate as shown in the table below. So let us see how well they can serve the Filipino.

Lowest per minute rate in the country!

Voice Calls


  • red mobile to red mobile

P 0.50 / min

  • red mobile to other networks

P 6.50 / min

Text Rates

  • red mobile to red mobile

P 0.50 / text

  • red mobile to other networks

P 1.00 / text


  • red mobile to red mobile

P 0.50 / MMS

Video Call

  • red mobile to red mobile

P 0.50 / min

  • red mobile to other networks

P 6.50 / min

Mobile Internet

  • WAP Browsing

P7.50 for every 15 mins

Disclosure : Red Mobile is one of this blogs Advertiser.

Dexter Panganiban

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  1. 1

    Hi, thanks for the info, i haven’t been watching tv or reading news for the past few weeks so I’m not updated. Good to see this in your post. Oh, and this is from Smart pala. I like its color hehe. -Cam

  2. 7
    Daniel's Mom

    two weeks ago, or was that 3, i got a call from Smart informing me that they’ll be sending my new Red Mobile sim to replace our umobile sim, but until now No sim it yet. i think, umobile was more organized and prompt when they gave out their sim cards to the public.

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