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Factors for Search Engine Rankings

Sep 12, 2009 by     6 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

I would like to share great information that I read from my Feeds today , it is all about Factors that affects Search Engine Rankings and I think this is worth reading if you really want to study about Search Engine Optimization. Remember this equation :

Good Content + SEO + Advertising = Money

In order for you to make more money online understanding SEO is a must in your online ventures and online saga. I just read that the following factors are very important in Search Engine Rankings :
#1 – Internal vs. External
#2 – Anchor Text
#3 – PageRank
#4 – TrustRank
#5 – Domain Authority
#6 – Diversity of Sources
#7 – Uniqueness of Source + Target
#8 – Location on the Page
#9 – Topical Relevance
#10 – Content & Context Assessment
#11 – Geographic Location
#12 – Use of Rel=”Nofollow”
#13 – Link Type
#14 – Other Link Targets on the Source Page
#15 – Domain, Page & Link-Specific Penalties
#16 – Content/Embed Patterns
#17 – Temporal / Historical Data

I may say that I am practicing some of this but not all , I believe it is a good read and New Information for us learning SEO. So here is the link to the article [ 17 Ways Search Engines Judge the Value of a Link ]

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  • gandang post.. salamat po

  • yung iba, SEO=money lang. though not good for the long-term, it could be true for a certain timeframe.

    • @ceblogger,

      Mas maganda na yung pang matagalan para kapag nagkaroon ng same event pasok pa rin 🙂

  • @sir Dex,

    “Good Content + SEO + Advertising = Money” – the the core to make money online… (medyo mahaba-habang aralin ‘to!)

    Thanks for the long list! 🙂

    • @ariston | how to make mass money online,

      ha ha ha oo nga 🙂

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