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How to Know the Latest Hot Words

May 24, 2008 by     8 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

Keyword researchThis is not a paid reviews.. I just want to make it clear that this is not a paid review, I am just blogging about this to help my readers to gather more information resources. Aside from Google Trends which I blog before, I have stumbled a site that gives the recent Hot Words in town. [ hotwords.com ]

The site gives the latest keyword searches. They are claiming that the have partnered to different search engines site to gather all this information. Since they are still in Beta stage everything is free. I don’t know if they will have a paid version later on.

They have the daily top 10 keywords and Monthly Top 10 keywords, and no doubt those keywords that pertains to Google Stop Words are dominating.

They have to do something about those Adult and Offensive searches since this decreases their opportunity to earn. And we all know that those kind of site cannot survive without funds.

There are also other site which can give you those kind of data but this is a new site worth checking out. So what site are you using for your keyword research. Or you do not use at all ?


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