I Think Google Drop a Bomb in My Blog

Well I just don’t know what happen today, all my keywords disappear in the SERP. This might be a Google Bomb dropped at my site or they just re structuring the SERP. I do not know if they change their algorithm. Although I have heard that there are some blogger’s facing the same problem.

Since My site has dropped from PR4 to PR2 I stopped doing Paid post, So I really don’t know the reason, Anyway I will just wait for some time before I will contact Google for this matter.

But I must say that it really affects the AdSense Earning of this blog. 🙁

So does anybody experience the same ?

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    My site is not experiencing such a drop. Anyway I am stable around 500 UV per month. No matter what i do, how many backlinks i get or how many people sharing the my news using ShareThis I have. my whole site depends on Google entirely and I dont like it.I have read that, in many cases, it is sufficent to subscribe your blog to Adword to get huge traffic but it looks like you have to pay Google to get traffic and i dont like it. i feel hopeless because i am spending a lot of time updating my blog. I feel to deserve 100 UV at least but no lock so far…any advice?

    • 2
      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net

      Even my site has experienced drop from Google I still experience about 500 to 700 UV a day from my main site.. Not including the folders..

      But where did it came from.. Well it came from other site where I link exchange with my post..

      Some link exchange has been done a year or just new..

      So this is the time when I experience lots of incoming visitors from referrals coming from other site

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Google is Creating Problem with SEO Blogs ?

  2. 3
    Google is Creating Problem with SEO Blogs ? | Tech At Hand Dot Net | Philippines, Technology, SEO and Blogging

    […] You are invited to have my FREE RSS Feeds or you may Subscribe to me via email for latest information in this website. I have seen some prominent SEO Site that is also having problem with Google indexing here and here, The screen capture shown below are shots taken today. Upon checking those Errors, I can say that they are not really having an error. Well I do not know what is happening in Google Indexing now a days but I can say that they are creating some problem with my site for already 10 days ever since I made a post about google drops bomb in my blog. […]

  3. 4

    it happened to me too. 🙁 not that i was getting any visitors from google, but at least it was kind of fun to see my blog ranked number 1 on google for a few 3 word phrases. but not anymore. 🙁

  4. 10


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  5. 14

    Wah! I hope that it will not last long.

    Just to share a story, my MFA site was also dropped by Google a few months ago. From 400 UV a day, it dropped to around 10 UV. 🙁

    After a week, I started to optimize the same keywords again by creating backlinks: commenting on do follow blogs, Digg-ing some posts, asking for ex-links from same niche blogs and joining blog carnivals.

    Google started to give me more traffic but not like before. I get only approx 80 UV until now.

    But the happy ending here is that, Yahoo then picked up my site and they now give me around 300 UV a day.

    So I guess, it’s always nice to know that Google is not the only search engine out there. Others are also there to help us out, we just have to be patient and wait for them.

    • 15
      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net

      Yup you are right.. Well actually what is strange in my Google SERP.. I still see some traffic from Google .. Yesterday I got about 200 UV .. In which it has before about a 1000+ and what suddenly I also got a spike from Yahoo yesterday because Yahoo pick some of my post and bring about 600+ uv a day.

      Anyway I plan to post as normal as I could but I think I have to optimized other site and drive traffic to this blog until Google realize that this blog is not a spam blog 🙂

      BTW.. I saw your pic at Wordcamp.. thru Jehz Blog.. great that you are able to attend the event 🙂

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Samsung Released Omnia 3G Smartphone

  6. 16
    The Serrano Boy

    na experience ko rin toh noong May (1st month ko sa blogging)… lahat ng posts ko noon ay nasa frontpage, pero bigla nalang nawala… ang 5 visitors daily ko from google, nawala.. kaya digg nalang ang pinagkukunan ko ng traffic. Ngayon, bumalik na ako sa serps pero 50% ng posts ko nawala rin. hehe

  7. 21
    Ronald Allan Mojica

    Okay, this is my observation on Google…

    In months I think 3 months my site is conquering the number one spot in Google and then it just POOF! I’m dropped my rankings but this last for a month and then back again in ranking…

    Google sometimes gave some importance to new sites and you know your blog is old so don’t worry it will be back soon.

    • 22
      Dexter Panganiban

      I hope you are right. And I know that you know those keywords because your site is also ranking good on those keywords. Anyway. I just hope that it will not be same as your which took months to recover. it will mean lots of $ lost

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