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Facebook to Shut Off Automatic Feed Syndication in Notes App

Nov 14, 2011 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Social Media Optimization

Upon logging at my Facebook yesterday, I saw this notes telling users that staring November 22, 2011, automatic content from website or blogs feeds through notes will no longer be available. However blog owners are encouraged to do manual posting of their links to their wall.


User Engagement Through Automatic Submission?

Based on experience automatic submission has low friends engagement. We can see likes or thumbs up but rarely we can see comments on those kind of post in the wall. I’m just doing automatic submission to let my friends know about my new post and also to increase links to my blog. That might be a nofollow links, but links is still a link. Who knows one of this days, Google will just alter their algorithm and includes social media links to their algorithm. There are more engagement when emotions can be seen in the wall post.

Third-party syndication app providers, like NetworkedBlogs, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck remains as options for syndicating content automatically to Facebook.


Do you like seeing your friends wall with lots of automatic feed contents? what about the fan page? or the Group Page?

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  • My experience with auto submission is not that good as I didn’t get much traffic from FB or Twitter these days. If you look on my FB wall, you could see lots of articles and news feeds from my site but not getting much traffic but still I consider doing this to easily spread new articles from site.

    • @Bob,

      But at least readers are being informed. and when they like the subject they will for sure go to the site 🙂

  • I’ve been using FB Notes too for auto-submission of my posts, and it is really very handy like other third party syndication – helps a lot on traffic.
    I read an article about Google, tweaking its site ranking to include links mentioned in social media. (sorry I didn’t bookmarked the link), maybe that’s why FB is switching to manual posting.
    BTW, about that question, well I prefer seeing amusing auto-feed links on my friends’ wall than reading their useless daily rants.

    • @yodi,

      I also don’t want rant in my facebook wall :), I have read it also, that Google might add some juice to social media links. and yeaah it might be one of the reasons.

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