A Quick Review of Amazon Kindle Fire, a Price Killer Tablet

A Quick Review of Amazon Kindle Fire, a Price Killer TabletHere’s a quick short review of Kindle Fire collected around the web that is set to ship today Nov. 15, 2011

Designs: The Kindle Fire is black thing with rubberized back. It is made so simple with a solid assembly body design. The screen quality can compare with the iPad as it supports 16 million colors.

Advantages: It has a user-friendly interface and responsive; easy access to unlimited Amazon’s vast cloud library of ebooks, movies, TV shows and music; a 7 inch size which make it easy-to-hold.

Limitations: Kindle Fire has lack of buttons to adjust the volume or switch on and off. There were no cameras, so picture taking or video chatting can’t be used. No native calendar or address book applications. And there are lacks access to Google apps and popular Android apps like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Google Maps, Google Goggles and YouTube.

Specs: Amazon Silk browser for Web surfing through Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud; Modified Android operating system; Dual-core processor; 7-inch, 1024 x 600 pixel screen; 8 gigabytes of storage, Wi-fi only so it only works when a connection is available, ( no HDMI, 3G and antenna to connect to data networks).

Amazon Kindle Fire is an attractive tablet for $200 and it can be best alternative for iPad for those with simpler needs.

Source Image: Mashable

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