Internet Explorere’s Security Flaw Affecting Microsoft

A bug discovered this weekend in Internet Explorer’s version 7, 8 and 9 has the potential to compromise the PCs of users. The flaw could deliver a trojan known as “Poison Ivy” now that it is being actively exploited by a group of apparently highly-skilled software bods as the bug is said to be truly complex. In a statement, Microsoft has announced that it is aware of the problem.

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In the latest statement released by Microsoft, they came out with a security advisory identifying the flaw as one that is being exploited by the Nitro gang who was also behind the “zero day” that happened barely three weeks ago and affected Java users. Experts on internet security have announced that they have developed a vulnerability testing tool they are calling the Metasploit module for Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 on Windows XP, Vista and 7. They have advised users who can be potentially affected by the virus to switch to other browsers for the meantime while Microsoft has not yet come out with a patch that can address this vulnerability.

Microsoft has said they are set to release a solution to the flaw in the next few days. It said the “fix” would be easy to use with just a click that will provide a “full-strength” solution to the problem.

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