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A Week Visit to Manila, Connected through Globe SuperSurf

Oct 18, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Tech Stuff

Last week I was in Manila for a business trip to interview Engineers who will be part of my group. I had a 4 days interview despite the fact that there was a signal # 2 in Manila. I stayed in Manila Pavilion for 5 days. Manila Pavilion is very near to the agency where I will conduct my interview. Just for information, Manila Pavilion free WiFi internet is congested and slow and it is hard to connect, though there are times that connection is good.

During my Philippine visit, I used Globe Supersurf unlimited internet surfing worth Php 200.

Here’s how to register in Globe Prepaid SuperSurf promos:


How to Register to Globe SUPERSURF 50:

Text SUPERSURF 50 to 8888.
Validity: 1 day
Price: Php 50
Enjoy 1 day of surf all you want on your mobile

How to Register to Globe SUPERSURF 200:

Text SUPERSURF 200 to 8888.
Validity: 5 days
Price: Php 200
Enjoy 5 days of surf all you want on your mobile

How to Register to SUPERSURF 999:

Text MYSUPERSURF ON to 8888.
Validity: 30 days
Price: Php 999
Enjoy 30 days of surf all you want on your mobile

visit www.surf.globe.com.ph for more details and get the latest updates.

I used Google hangout to connect to my family using Globe supersurf and it works fine. However there are some places where I did not get a very good signal like in Mabini, Manila area. In Buendia and in Taal Batangas connection is great.

Using unlimited promo is highly recommended for OFW who are having their vacation in the Philippines. I got my SIM card at the airport worth Php 100. After loading of Php 500, I was able to subscribed to the Globe super surf. In Philippines they don’t require any enrollment for new SIM card, not like in Saudi Arabia where they are very strict in giving out new sim card.

The same SIM card is now activated for international roaming and I plan to use the same Sim Card on my coming vacation in December 2013.

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