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How to Easily Bring Back the Unread Mail Folder of your Outlook

Oct 2, 2007 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Tips and Tricks

It was an accident when I removed the Unread Folder at the Favorite Folders of my Microsoft Outlook 2003. Believe it takes time to figure out then suddenly I tried to Google it and found an easy way.

Just follow the following steps :

  1. Go to the ” Search Folders” at the right side of your panel.
  2. Right Click
  3. Then Press ” New Search Folder ”
  4. Look for the Unread Mail Option
  5. Then drag it back again to your Favorite Folders and presto you get it back

I juts hope that this post will help fellow office that might face the same situation as mine.

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  • I cant believe how many times i have deleted that damm folder, and then had to google it.

    I am constantly surprised how easy it is to delete the thing. you would think microsoft would fix that….

    thanks for the simple reminder.

  • Many thanks – I struggled for ages before I found your site. When I did I was then able to bring back the unread mail folder immediately.

  • thanks.. this helped me a lot.

  • Thank you very much. I deleted it accidentally as well and now it’s back. Appreciated…

  • Thankyou sir……………

    • You are welcome. I hope you can come back at this site and visit us again. I would also appreciate if you could give some feedback on the content of the site 🙂

  • @ roman,

    Your welcome

  • Thanks man that was easy. I was looking for it for about an hour. Tried creating a folder and setting up rules for it which didn’t work correctly. Then I searched on Google and your post came up.

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