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Changing My 404 Page

Jun 13, 2009 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Wordpress

I just learned that The Google Webmaster Tools has bee updated , and I just found out that there are some broken links in my site. Broken links which leads my visitors to my custom 404 Page.  So I came to a solution as suggested by Google Webmaster Tools to create a Custom 404 Page using Google Custom 404 Widget. You just have to follow all the instruction by Google.

Now my custom 404 page has a combination of Google Custom 404 Widget and a CSE Search box. It will help me redirect lost visitors to my site again. And my Custom CSE box gives also also a great opportunity to earn. Don’t forget to change http://www.example.com to your domain name.

So if you have not yet customized your 404 Page , you better do something about it.

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  • I use Wp-redirect plugin. Ok ba yun? I think Ill try custom 404 Widget.

    I’m having problems with my error pages; They don’t show other than a white page with small letter-words that read: 404 error, nothing more. The design was gone. I think it’s a browser issue on Chrome, but it’s the same in IE9. The strange thing is, all websites, show blank page with those little words: 404 error.

    • @Nonoy,

      baka may error lang yung 404 page mo.. Why don’t you get the original 404 page then change the existing one.. kasi baka may nagalaw ka doon dati.. Redirect ay ok naman ..basta huwag yung temporary redirect. It will hurt your seo.

  • My 404 page is lists archives and provides a search bar for searching posts.

    In wordpress you just need a 404 template on your theme for it to work.
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    • @sylv3rblade,

      Just saw your 404 page , and yup changes mentioned above can be done thru 404 template 🙂

  • I’m still not used to the new interface of Gwebmasters tool.. How about you?

    • @WhatsACoder,
      I am still learning the way the reformat it 🙂 . I still like the old style.

  • Ooh, it was updated… thanks for the heads up!!

    I use b2evolution v3.2.0, and we have a feature wherein we can redirect 404’s to the blog main page as 302 Redirect. There are actually a lot of options, 301 Redirect, 303, 200, etc. (But I chose 302 Redirect.)

    You can also try that method, if there is a plugin for WordPress to do just that.
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    • @JC John Sese Cuneta,
      Thanks , But 302 Redirect is not so good in SEO , but this is just an information I read in different blogs and forums