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WordPress 2.6.1 Download

Aug 16, 2008 by     7 Comments    Posted under: Wordpress

Just a quick post to let you know that WordPress 2.6.1 has been released.

WordPress 2.6.1 › Download

At first I just don’t know why my WordPress Dashboard did not show that There is already an update but upon checking my plugin for the updates is off  🙂

Anyway Check out the full list of over 60 fixes to see if 2.6.1 has something to offer you. I have not yet update my WordPress WordPress 2.6 seems working fine in this blog.

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  • thank you, praying God’s Will be done. If God’s Will then it shall be done ;D God keeping me busy offline also, sharing Jesus love around our world online and offline, prayers, Power In Prayer, God Bless

  • I used to disdain wordpress updates. Now it’s easy for me with a plugin so valuable for me. I’ve donated to the developer, kasi appreciate ko talaga yung value na nagawa ng plugin niya.

    See here:

    ka edongs last blog post..Reverse Phone Lookup

    • Ako I use plug in By Keith Dsouza. Yung nga lang I have to wait for some feedback prior to updates.. Hirap na di kasi ako gaanong technical when it comes to programming.. sa mga error’s and bugs of wordpress 🙂

  • I think my 2.6 is not having some problems so I won’t upgrade muna.


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    • Same here.. There are still no problem.. BTW Congrats to your pepperjam paypal payment

  • Ano ba yan di pa nga ako nakaka lipat sa 2.6 may .1 na agad na version… pwede ba baka next month may bago ulit… sos…

    julers last blog post..My Olympics Beijing 2008 Traffic Decreasing

    • Hindi imposible yun.. WordPress are known to have many bugs since libre dami pa rin gumagamit including us 🙂

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