DreamHost Promo Code { $50 Discount }

Dreamhost Coupon Code Did you know that Hosting company is really important when it comes to blogging. Well I would like to share you guys on what hosting company I am now. Well I am now hosted at DreamHost. Since I join this hosting company from July 2008, I only experienced maybe 2 to 3 downtimes which only took for about 30 Minutes. Yup it is not like other hosting company which takes about a day or two. I am still not yet on a private server. I am still using the shared hosting package but Maybe next year if everything goes well I might transfer to Private server since Techathand.net readership is increasing day by day.

Here is the present payment option for Dreamhost.

  • Pay Monthly @ $10.95/mo + $49.95 setup = $60.90
  • Pay Yearly @ $9.95/mo: 9% off + no setup = $119.40
  • Pay for 2 Years @ $8.95/mo: 18% off + no setup = $214.80
  • Pay for 3 Years @ $7.95/mo: 27% off + no setup = $286.20
  • Pay for 5 Years @ $6.95/mo: 36% off + no setup = $417.00
  • Pay for 10 Years @ $5.95/mo: 45% off + no setup = $714.00

Did you know that you can get off $50 dollars off from the price above if you are going to use my Dream Host promo code : TECHATHAND50

Discount will only be applicable at the first payment. So if you are going to opt to yearly payment you need to pay only for 119.40-50 = $ 69.40 which is actually 5.79 per month for your first Year. Promo code is only valid for the first year so if you are going to choose 2,3,5 or 10 you will still get $50 off from those price.

It is the biggest discount that you can get from DreamHost. If you have any question you may contact me thru my contact page. Wait there is more. You will also get a 1 year Free Domain Registration.

Disclosure : Dreamhost Links are affiliate link. That will only mean that I will earn if you are going to use those links above :)

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3 Comments on DreamHost Promo Code { $50 Discount }

  1. Edosomwan laura // March 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm // Reply

    How do join you


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Edosomwan laura, You can do so by pressing the link and following the instruction


  2. Jessie Somosierra, Jr // December 30, 2008 at 7:36 pm // Reply

    I am still thinking and reflecting if I really need to migrate to host one’s site from wordpress or blogspot. What are reaaly the benefit of hosting your own site? Jessie Somosierra, Jrs last blog post..iBreviary


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Jessie Somosierra, Jr, Hello Fr Jessie, Well actually if you are hosting your own site you have full control over your files. Moreover you can use WordPress as your blogging platform. WordPress I may say is easy to handle rather than blogspt although there are some who it is just the same. I think the following post might answer some of your question http://www.techathand.net/2008/09/migrating-from-free-platform-to-paid-hosting-technicalities/ http://www.techathand.net/2008/08/which-do-you-prefer-free-or-self-hosted-blogs/ http://www.techathand.net/2007/12/blogspotcom-or-wordpresscom-which-is-which/


  3. LOL. I have never ever experienced any downtime with my current host. But I do agree also that DreamHost is a good choice.


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Hussein, Great.. I have it but what is great dream host agent is really quick to response.. We will see this if it will pass the Nursing Board exam results.. BTW it pass pacquiao fever :)


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