Adsense Tips : Add Google AdSense Links in your Top Landing Page

Adsense Tips : Add AdSense Links in your Top Landing Page Did you know that Google Adsense Links can help increase your Google AdSense earnings ? Well it happen to me, After seeing some blogs doing this I made it a try and I want to share it to you guys. Well actually the main idea is to put Google Adsense Links to those Top Landing pages that gives lots of visits from Search Engine.

So How will you know the Pages with lots of Visit from Search Engine ?

It is simple you just have to learn how you can track your visitors from Google Anaytics. I have made a post about Google Analytics function and how it can help you gain more visitors. You have to remember that those visitors will give you good earnings if your ads are properly placed.

After knowing those pages that gives lots of visitors from search engine you may now put the Google Adsense link codes that you made in Adsense site. You can directly paste it with in the post or you can use Adsense Ad Manager Plug-in ( I have not used this one for a long time ). It is up to you to decide.

What Size of Google Adsense Links ?

I use 180 x 90 with 4 links to display. Well you can experiment in your site on what will be the bet option.

Where to Put the Codes ?

Well it defends in your content, you can put it just after the title or your can float it in left or right, well it is up to you to decide. You have to make some experiments in order to get the highest CTR. ( Click Thru Rate ) from Google AdSense.

Assurance of Success

Well it works for me, and I think it might also work for you. I also think that since search engine visitors are looking for information, any links that they will see in your page that relates on his aim will be clicked.

I also have other Adsense and Basic Seo Tips that was posted a year ago.

Testing if it Works

You can record your Google adSense earning and stats today as you baseline or you can install click aider to know what part works best. But of course driving Google Adsense BOT only to your content will help to get a related ads for that particular post. You also have to take note the CTR of your new codes after a week. Having about 4% to 5% CTR is a good sign already but if you could make it higher it will be better.

In all your experiments you should always have a baseline so you know if your being successful or failure.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 1
    GK Awadhiya

    I appreciate your affecttion with Hindi!

    But I think that this post is a Hindi translation of English article by some translation software and that’s why Hindi has become unmeaningful and ridiculous. If you like good Hindi for your post, only human translation will be better. (I also provide my services for English to Hindi translation.)

    • 2
      Dexter Panganiban

      @GK Awadhiya,

      Thanks for your comment.. Yes you are right that this page i translated to Hindi. Unfortunately I don’t have funds to do that.

      Anyway thanks for dropping by.. And I know there are lots of Hindi speaking Google searcher that will appreciate the English version of the site

  2. 3

    Είναι ενημερωμένο με όλες τους τις shots.and με κάνει μια θαυμάσια σύντροφος στο σπίτι με τα παιδιά και άλλα κατοικίδια ζώα.
    επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για περισσότερες πληροφορίες

  3. 4

    thanks for the tip.. now i’m curious just how much money you are making on adsense on a daily basis.. palagay ko super laki.. baka 6figure blogger ka na nga eh..hehhehe…

    ladys last blog post..Colorado Doctor Finds Foot In Newborn’s Brain| Foot In Brain!

    • 5
      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net


      Nak di naman … 3 digit lang.. he he he.. part time ko lang naman ang blogging ang may day work is still more important kaya di gaano maka focus.. I just want to share my finding to those other blogger want to work full time in blogging

    • 7
      Dexter Panganiban


      This is being done so not to distract your regular readers. Since it is nonsense to put lots of Ads in page which was created new. Because it will just distract other readers..

      Well this is just my opinion.

      • 8

        @Dexter Panganiban, lol, right… I forgot about that technique 🙂
        Have you ever conducted tests as to what works best? Ads on all pages, or only on older pages?
        Thanks for taking the time to reply btw 😉

        Bjorns last blog post..Wordpress 2.7

  4. 12
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  5. 13

    Now i’m implementing all your tips here. Thank you Brother!

    Ambos last blog post..WP Premium Themes Worth $1000+ Christmas Giveaway at JaypeeOnline

  6. 15

    Im also earning quite a bit when i started implementing or adding link units on my pages:) thanks for the tips… mabuhay ka!

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