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iPhone 5, to be released on October 21st in United States?

Sep 8, 2011 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Apple, Tech Stuff


There are fresh rumors that is now roaming in the net that apparently iPhone 5 is about to be released on the 10th Birthday of iPod, October 21st. The basis of this rumors came from the alleged leaked note from a branch of Best Buy in the US, where an ‘Apple fixture installation’ upgrade is scheduled for 6am on 21st October. There is no official news about the released of iPhone 5, Apple fans was not able to see the iPhone 5  released on the first rumored date, August 2011, but this time many believe that it is near to reality.

Nobody knows the exact specifications of the iPhone 5 , but there are some rumors that it will have a bigger screen compared to it’s predecessor iPhone 4 and has a faster processor which probably have A5 Chips, that could also be seen in iPad 2 and a better camera.

Here are some basis of the rumors :

  • Deutsche Telekom AG began allowing customers to pre-order the next generation iPhone on 5th September, the company said that it in anticipation of supply bottlenecks for the device, according to Bloomberg.
  • Apple does tend to launch new hardware on Fridays and 21st October is a Friday.

Soon we will be able to see if China’s Fake iPhone 5 is a real copy of the original iPhone 5.

Probably the unit will come to Philippines through Globe Philippines just few weeks after the launch. But of course it might see earlier in other store than Globe Philippines. But be ready to the high factor in pricing compared to US price.

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  • Walang iPhone 5.So sad. iPhone 4s lang. =(

    • @Vesper,

      oo nga .. pero maganda rin naman ang specs ng bagong iphone..

  • Wala talagang basehan kung ano talaga ang specs ng iPhone 5. Ang magagawa lang naten eh ang maghintay. hehe. Tingnan nalang natin kung gaano ka accurate ang rumors. Excited na talaga akong makita to. An tagal..

    • @Vesper,

      OO nga mayamaya lang meron na yan.. pero ano ngakaya ang tototo sa dami ng balita ng iPhone

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Antayin ko ang Apple’s “Lets Talk iPhone” event sa cnet. waa.. di na ko makapag hintay..

  • […] allegedly planning on making the iPhone 5 announcement at Apple Main Campus on October 4 instead of October 21, as reported earlier in this blog. Apple usually make their big announcement at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the […]

  • Hndi makalabas ang info from apple talaga, kht leak wala. I’m really interested on its specs kasi. I was wondering if they will use a tegra 2 or tegra 3 chip.

    • @Henry,

      oo talagang mahigpit sila doon.. Di ba kung matandaan mo pi na raid p anila yung isang sikat na blogs sa US nung makakuha ng leak information and blogging about it.

  • l want require about the phone the complete the blackberry

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