The New iPod Touch Steals the Show

The iPhone 5 was almost relegated to the background at the Apple event when the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano were unveiled. Both iPod models are thinner and lighter plus the iPod Nano now sports a bigger screen.


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The new iPod Touch is only 6.1 mm thick, making it the thinnest to date, and is a very light 3.1 oz in weight. Now, it also features Siri, the voice-activated “digital assistant” of Apple. The new model runs on the new iOS6 and has the same processor as that of the iPhone 4S. A 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with a built-in flash and auto-focus are brand new features of Apple’s latest iPod Touch.

The latest iPod Nano is a mere 5mm thick and is equipped with a bigger touchscreen display at 2.5mm inches. It has fitness features such as a built-in pedometer and supports Nike+. It has an FM radio feature which enables the user to pause and to resume music.

Along with the new iPods, Apple also launched the Earpods. Unlike the earbuds, they are rounder and are equipped with two grills for sound. They come with the new iPods, Nano and Touch, as well as the iPhone 5. Apple is selling them separately, though, at $29. Pre-orders for the iPod Touch is slated for Friday while the iPod Nano will be available in October.

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