How To Build Your Own Gaming CPU

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Buying a pre-made branded gaming CPU is definitely more expensive than purchasing an assembled one. This could be caused by several factors such as the materials used for the specs, the value-added price for the brand, and the commission for the salesperson involved in the transaction.

The bottom line is, assembling you own or choosing the parts on your own and having them assembled is a safer and more economical way to get your very own gaming CPU set.

Here are some specs that you may want to consider. These are compatible parts and will play almost all high-end games.

Mother Board: EMAXX – A55M

The mother board is your CPU’s bread and butter. It should be powerful enough to handle a lot of simultaneous computations but affordable enough so it won’t break the bank. The EMAXX – A55M is a generic motherboard that is both affordable and gamer-friendly. It’s a common board used in computer shops.

Video Graphics Accelerator (VGA): Galaxy GT 420, 1GB, 128bit

The Galaxy GT 420 isn’t the latest VGA model but it is powerful enough to run most games including demanding ones like Prototype. 1GB is the minimum requirement but if your pocket allows it, try to get the 2GB version. Also make sure that it’s 128bit and not 64bit as it affects gameplay. I for one played LoL on a 1GB, 64bit VGA but the fps lag just annoyed the heck out of me.

Memory: 2GB DDR3 Zeppelin

Zeppelin is another generic brand but it’s again commonly used in computer shops – the places where computers are subjected to torture everyday. 2GB DD3 is the best option as it allows you to open multiple apps at the same time. You can listen to YouTube and play a game at the same time with this spec.

Processor: AMD A4 4020 (3.4GHz)

I  prefer AMD as a processor because it doesn’t heat up as much as the other brands. Furthermore, it’s 3.4Ghz speed is enough to run most games in a speed as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


I’d like to have a black and red Vortex 600 watts PSM. Why? Well, just because. It’s just a casing anyway and you have the liberty to choose. Just make sure that the initial specs you have matches in size with the casing.

Hard Disk Drive: 500GB Toshiba

It’s the standard size for a hard disk drive, but your PC won’t really eat that much space. About 200GB of HDD space is more than enough for your gaming sessions, but 500GB is the lowest you can find nowadays.

All in all, this gaming CPU set will cost you about 10,000 – 11,000 pesos but if you decide to buy surplus or second hand specs you can even lower the price to about 8,000 pesos more or less.

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