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10 Tips of Commenting in a Blog, A good style of Link Bait

Jan 15, 2008 by     31 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Tips and Tricks

First of all I came into this post after I received a link from Jimmy of blog-tutorials.com ( PR5 Site ) because of the comments that I made at his site. I found his post via Google Alert

It is just a simple comments, and thanks to him for appreciating it and so this blog post was born.

How important a comments in a blog?

For me it is really important. And I must admit it is one of my source. Usually replying in a comment via another post is best to do if an explanation to the question needs to be in detailed. An example is when I responded to Ordinacin question about making feed links as an additional factor for SEO.

Upon linking of Jimmy to my site I have come to an idea that commenting in another blog is a good Link Bait. It happen to me many times and I am also doing it to my commenter’s.

So here are some tips How We can gain a link from those blog that we visit:

  1. Commenting Link Always make you comment relevant to their topic.
  2. Ask a question to the author about the topic that he have mentioned.
  3. Give some suggestion about the topic or niche that he wrote
  4. Look for a great post that is within your niche and comment.
  5. Check for a blog post that does not have too much comments, or no comments at all so that you can immediately catch the author’s attention. ( Many times that I tried to comment on blogs with too much comment.. and I am always ignored 🙁 )
  6. Think of a question that an author will think first before he could answer your question. ( example : if an author is suggesting something, and in fact he is not practicing it on their site, You can send a challenge question on how come he is suggesting this kind of stuff well in fact he is not practicing it. )
  7. Don’t think that a blog author will not link to you even you are a first time visitor. ( I got a link from Jimmy as I am a first time visitor at his site )
  8. Check you spelling ( Oooouuucchhh most of the time I failed to do this )
  9. Avoid using such word like …  I like your blog want to have a link exchange…. Great post !!! Please visit my blog…. A unique post, I need more… This kind of comment looks like a spam that is why it will usually caught by Akismet. It is not a problem to make those kind of comment if you have made about 15 or more comments on that blog already. Since the moderator already knows who you are.
  10. Make a post by responding to their post. Just don’t forget how to make a proper trackback. Or if it does not appear on their trackback section. inform them by placing the link to your blog post at their comment box.

This tips works for me and I do hope it will work with you to gain new readers and Link Juice vi this Link Bait Technique. Well another lesson learn in Blogging.

It would be great if you have other tips and I will try to put it as a new post.

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  • Thanks for this wonderful tip. It made me realize that commenting should not be done just for the sake of commenting. It should be relevant to the topic.


  • Thanks brod. for those tips that you post, it can really help for me and to those newly blogger to gain more link,ha.ha.ha.ha….amazing tips.God bless.

    • @attekno,
      Thanks for the visit kap.. maramni ka pa mababasa dito sa blog ko 🙂 basa lang ng basa…

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  • Good tips and may can help me to add more traffic to my blog. Thanks.

  • Commenting on blogs is a great way to network among boggers and to also come up with topics for posts. I try to read most of the comments to see if there are questions to be answered or problems to be solved. It’s a great way to keep in touch with what people are thinking.

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    • It is a nice tip. Thru comment you would be able to interact with your reader. You will be able to know what do they need and what do they want. and yups it is a great way to keep in touch with what people are thinking.

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  • […] to respond to the comments that they have written in your blog and got to their blog and comment also. You may also try to subscribe to their Feeds so that you will able to know the latest […]

  • @ ericm

    Thanks for appreciating it.. 🙂

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  • great tips for you Dexter..

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  • @ amomandmore

    Youre welcome, There are still lots of great information in this blog.. See you soon

  • Thanks for your very useful tips. I am not a tech savvy mom though I wish I would soon be. I’ll visit you again soon.

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  • @ bongkersz

    You are right. Ussually I visit my commenters site as long as their comments is relevant. and if not I just assume that they are dropping by. I also believe on motto that You comment i Comment… Good to see you here.

  • blog-hopping, yes a good way to bring hits to your site. you scratch my back i scratch yours. i only comment if i think my comment is relevant to the topic, just commenting for the sake of it, bit lame for me. you can always tell if the person is really reading your posts or he’s there just to ‘pimp’ his blog haha!

  • @ Leon

    Thanks for dropping by. and commenting on this blog. And it is good that your motivation of Commenting is ” not for the sake of linkbaiting, “.

    And you are right because comments has a lots of purpose.

  • I comment a lot on other people’s blogs, not for the sake of linkbaiting, but just for commenting’s sake. Still, comments are indeed a good way to gain links.

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  • @ sylv3rblade

    For me I comment as much as I can specially to those blog I visit for first time. Via Google Alerts.

    It is time consuming but it helps a lot

  • I agree but sometimes commenting takes a lot of time, it’s rather to find time to comment on all blogs your reading.. unless you do it on a schedule… *hint hint* XD

  • @ gerrycho

    I believe that will be the 11th tips since by your suggestion.. You are not only having an opportunity with the author’s Link but you are also having possibility of being linked by other commenter.

    Nice one Gerrycho

  • if i may add… i guess striking a conversation with fellow commentors, i believe is a good suggestion as well… this adds to the flavor of the post itself since more tidbits are placed in the discussion 😀

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