10 Tips to Net Blogging & Marketing Correlated with Driving Your Car

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Lesson Learn While Driving My Car and Applying to Internet Blogging and Marketing

This is just a comparison between Blogging and Driving A Car,

The moment you sit on your car usually the following question gets into the driver’s mind:

  1. Which car will you drive? If you have more than One
  2. Where are you heading ? What Path ?
  3. Does your Car has a fuel ?
  4. Did you Check you tires ?
  5. What Route will you take? The shortcut with lots of obstacles or the long cut ?
  6. Who will be with me ?
  7. Do I wear my Sit Belt ?
  8. Do I have my Tool at the Tool Box ?
  9. Do I have my Spare Tire ?
  10. Check the Last Item 🙂

Check it out how do I relate them to blogging.

1. Which car will you drive? If you have more than One

A blogger will always asked himself, Which blog will I optimized ? Which blog will be my secondary blog ? In this regards you will be able to know which blog will be helped to be pushed at the Main Page of the SERP. I own two site with almost same niche. One is from Blogspot and the other one is this blog. I usually support this blog from my other site. Because my blogspot site has a more blog juice from this, Since it created a year ago. But now I love WordPress that is why I am using it to promote this blog.

2. Where are you heading ? What Path ?

What niche would you go, Will it be a Technology for Girls Niche, A food niche , a Game Niche and Song Lyrics..or what so ever that pops at your mind that interest you. And what would I suggest is you have to pick a niche that interest you. It in nonsense to make a niche about car in which you don’t even know how to troubleshoot cars. Or you want to blog about dogs but in reality you hate dogs. The thing is you have the blog what you love and will not have a hard time to blog.

3. Does your Car has a fuel ?

A car needs a fuel to run, A blog needs post to be noticed, My question is, Have you ready some post in advance ? So that before you promote your site, it will have contents which is unique and interesting to check by your new visitors.

In time that you like to promote your blog, It would be better to promote it after 20 to 30 post.Your readers will be able to understand the niche that you would like to relay unto them. And remember it should be unique.

4. Where will you buy your Fuel ?

I can relate it to the Social Media , which is one way to advertise your blog. You can also advertise your blog into other blogs.

You may also try to spend and ask some links to other site which has the same theme as your niche. Or you could politely ask for a link exchange. You can also find site that supports nofollow tag so that you could have a link juice from their site.

I would also suggest joining Forum and E-groups.

5. Did you Check you tires ?

What the car needs while moving is its tires. What Blogging need to be in the net is the Host site.

We need to decide on what hosting do we need to go, Will it be Blogspot, WordPress.com or self Hosted WordPress Blog ( Paid or Free ) ?. It is important to decide on this matter since it will be difficult to handle later on when your site is already fully optimized. You can check my post about this two free host.

6. Who will be with me ?

Are you running your blog alone or are you going to invite fellow blogger to have a group blog? This is just a question if you would like to do something like Group Blogging. But like driving your car, You can drive it alone. And sometimes ask for a guest blogger.

7. Do I wear my Sit Belt ?

The sit belt’s purpose is to support the passenger in sudden accident, So the next question is what are the measure you have to do to protect your blog from SPAM. Like an accident Spammers come in time which you don’t expect them to come. So installing application such as Akismet or Spam Karma or any other Spam Protection is a must on starting blog.

8. Do I have my Tools at the Tool Box ?

Have you gather all your resources for making some tweaks at your blog. Do you have the right site that will give you a good theme and Plug in if you are using WordPress or Blogspot Hacks if you are using Blogspot.

9. Do I have my Spare Tire ?

Always have a Plan B when Blogging, If your first attempt failed well check your spare it might help. Having a plan B Always help.In blogging don’t be frustrated if you did not succeed in your first Trial. There is always second chance.

10. I leave the last question to You.. What do you think will it be?

It would be great if you could share it with us here. So next time you drive you will also think of blogging 🙂 Hope you like it. Any comments ?

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 2
    Gilbert Canda

    Sir thank you for the idea, i want to post articles also about caras, Salamat po sa mga blogging tips and SEO tips, newbie po ako but i am quiet happy in blogging so far.

  2. 5

    LOL I got confused with the terms until I checked that those were only set as examples. I like your checklist as they are very basic for bloggers. The question is, why not include your writing ability as quality blogging? Of course, a reader won’t be bothered to read if the blogger is not good with writing even if the blogger made effort to promote their site.

      • 7

        @Dexter Panganiban,

        Yep, I only found out that it was a late post after I posted my comment. 😀

        In response to your question, I was asking, why not include to check that you are posting quality blog posts? Even if you already have all these checklists and you’re not good with writing, everything will be useless. 🙂

      • 8
        Dexter Panganiban


        I must agree, although I am guilty of posting nonsense post for earning purpose 🙂 , I still believe that the Content is still King and SEO is queen 🙂 . By The way I mean Keyword Hijacking

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