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Firefox will be updated today to Version 3.5

Jun 30, 2009 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Firefox

I am now waiting for the Firefox 3.5 — code-named Shiretoko I don’t know what is new about it 🙂 . All I know is Firefox Rocks and every upgrade also rocks.

Firefox 3.5 — code-named Shiretoko

So let me know what about your thought in Firefox 3.5 — code-named Shiretoko  changes and it’s advantage . Source

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  • Yeah, Firefox rocks! (am using the 3.5 beta – Gecko)
    So far, I think it is the fastest and the best internet browser! 🙂

    I <3 Firefox, i even put their download widget in my other blog. 😉

    • @metalpig,
      I am still waiting here in Saudi Arabia 🙂

    • @metalpig,
      Please be informed that your comments is directly going to akismet Spam Comments..

      • @sir Dex,
        I just activated the akismet in the new site, thanks for pointing that. 🙂

        Firefox 3.5 na ba ang gamit mo?

      • @metalpig,

        Dito sa office di pa naka block yata yung update check ko mamaya sa bahay.

  • @ sir Dex,
    Yeah it rocks! I think Firefox is the fastest and the best internet browser!
    I <3 Firefox and even help to promote it by installing their widget on my other blog 😉 btw, am using 3.5 (Gecko) beta.

    thanx4droppin' at my new site! 🙂

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