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DaXian X999 : iPhone Clone

Feb 26, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Gadget

DaXian X999 - Iphone Clone

While Apple is doing their best to make their product as unique as possible cloners are also doing their best in order to clone their product. The DaXian X999 ( iPhone Clone ) is out as reported by engadget [ Picture where captured from engadget ] .The Daxian X999 has specification as follows:

3.2-inch single-touch QVGA screen, dual 2MP cameras, motion and proximity sensors -the UI is actually a TouchFLO clone running on what is surely an unlicensed copy of Windows Mobile 6.0. That’s a hat trick, people and to top it all off, the list price is a staggering $369.

Well they have copied the iPhone very well. I wonder when an original iPhone will again be available here in Saudi Arabia. When an original iPhone was introduced in the market about a month ago it was sold out immediately, they say that an international phone card or even local phone cards can be used in that phone.

BTW calling card using a local phone is still existing in the market today for just 20 Saudi riyals you can still use it to call your love ones if you don’t have a cloned iPhone 🙂

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