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Microsoft Unveils Keyboard for iPad, Tablets and Mobile Devices : Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

Dec 18, 2011 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Gadget

Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

There are signs that Netbooks are getting out of the picture with the rise of the tablet popularity today. In fact, news from Liliputing site confirms that Dell mini netbooks are no longer for sale from Dell’s Outlet stores instead Dell might push its line of 14inch laptops which according to the speculative report would bring more profit margins than its netbooks product lines.

Such a move indicates that netbooks are getting less and less in popularity while tablets are stealing the spotlights. With the expected high demand of tablet in 2012, something is required to meet the issue of limited capability of on screen keyboard.

Thus, Microsoft came out a solution with a new Bluetooth mobile keyboard 5000. It is design for comfort and ease connection to devices with Bluetooth capabilities such as Windows based tablet, iPad, iPad 2, Android mobile devices, and desktop computers. This means: cords, docks and USB transceiver are no longer required with the new device.

The Mobile Keyboard 5000 size, is less an issue here since it’s easy to carry as it only measures 0 .62" thick and 13.9" wide with a slightly curve design for comfort when typing. This device requires three AAA battery to run.

Too bad, it’s only available in the US market at price of $49.95.

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