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Question About PSP

Aug 6, 2008 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Gadget, How To

I just want to inform you guys that Allen had made a very informative post regarding PSP Gadget.

You can find his post [ PSP Frequently Asked Questions 1 ]

Questions includes the following

  1. how to combine psp .rar files?
  2. how to copy games from rar to psp?
  3. how to download firmware 4.01?
  4. how to download game from gamestorrents.com?
  5. how to play torrent psp games?
  6. how to upgrade from ofw 3.90 to cfw 4.01?
  7. where can i download psp games?
  8. what is m33-2 in psp?

This post will be for future use since you know that I own PSP and I have some Free PSP Games Download post before. You can head over to Allen’s post if you have PSP and this question and Answers might help you in the future

Thanks Allen.

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  • Wow Dex, thanks for featuring my post here. I really appreciate it. -Allen

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