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Samsung Promises 24-hour Battery Life on Newer Smartphones

Jan 13, 2012 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Gadget, Samsung
Samsung Have you ever experienced being in the middle of an important discussion on your cellphone and it suddenly signals “battery low” and you scamper for the nearest power outlet to charge it. This is a common problem when you are out and armed with just a cellphone, no charger or no extra battery. Good news, all Samsung phones that will be out this year promises to provide all-day batter power.

Samsung Electronics VP for Product Innovation Kevin Packingham announced during the CES event that consumers will no longer feel the anxiety of losing battery when a user is in mobile. With the number of features a smartphones has and because of multitasking, phones can easily eat up battery power quite fast. Larger screens and fast processers can easily drain battery. Plus if you do e-mail, games and camera shoots with a phone, it really won’t last you a day. It is a good thing that

Samsung phones for 2012 has a promise of longer battery life that will last you up to 24 hours.

Samsung will make bigger batteries but on top of that the company will also optimize some of the features of their smartphones to help save battery power. For example, there will be some changes on how the phones will react to Wi-Fi signals and when 4G LTE features are used. The recently launched Samsung Charge is a battery saving phone but will the company will make better smartphones with better power efficiency to be out this year.

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  • kung magagawa nga nila yan, ang masasabe ko lang..wow!

    • @Make Money Online with James Aban,

      OO nga talagang mapapa wow ka sa tagal ng battary nya.. This is one of my problem with Android Phones.. and lakas gumamit ng battery..

  • Sa pagkakaalam ko Samsung has best battery lalo na ung mga non-android phone nila. Madami nagsasabi base on their experience na matagal talaga.

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