Signal Blocking Phone Pocket By Blokket

Acting like a mini Faraday cage, the new phone pocket manufactured by Blokket, blocks signals so that while it is inside this new invention, your phone will not be receiving any signals. 99.7% of all radio frequencies coming from everywhere is also being blocked. It handily holds and fits most phones at its 8” x 5.75” size. It is made of silver thread and is featured with a nylon RFID blocking sleeve that can hold a phone or chipped ID cards and passports. It is also conveniently hand-washable.

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This handy phone pocket offers an easy alternative to place your phone in airplane mode and relieves you of the stress of having to turn off your phone when you have no will power to do so, or if you are one of those who are seriously addicted to free-flowing information and the idea of being forever connected. It is especially handy during times when you need to have some peace and quiet and not be bombarded by messages and Twitter feeds. To be honest though, I do not see how this can be more convenient than just turning your phone off during those times when you don’t want to be disturbed.

In the end, the name of the game is really not convenience but security. It can be depended upon in protecting your identity. It is guaranteed towards all attempts at lifting your identity and information from a distance.

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