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NBA 2K13 Now in the Philippines

Oct 7, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Gaming

An event last October 5 at the National Sports Grill in Makati, launch the release of NBA 2K13 in the Philippines. According to IGN, a gaming website, this game is possibly the greatest sports game of all time. The game was made available to Filipino gamers through the partnership of 2K Sports and X-Play Online Games Inc. It is available for players on PlayStation 3 at an amount of Php 2,595; on Xbox 360 at Php 2,495; on PC at Php 1,995; and on PSP at Php 1,895. This will also be available soon on both Android and iOS mobile devices as an app.


photo credit: lakerholicz.com

Pop star and hip-hop legend Jay-Z served as Executive Producer of this game and is responsible for its 24-song soundtrack. He also gave his inputs in so far as designing the interactive menus, the introduction of the game per se and much more. The game promises to take the Philippines by storm. Miguel Bauza, VP of Marketing for X-Play, said that they will be going around the country to engage the millions of NBA 2K Filipino fans out there with awesome tournaments and raffle prizes.

Some new features of the game includes the control stick. All actions such as dribbling, shooting, passing and other move options have been inputted to the analog stick. It is now possible to put together all kinds of basketball tricks designed to amaze the opposition. Also, the number of shot selections has been increased. A player may also purchase unlockable content such as jerseys and the like or increase the stats of the team. Definitely, this new game will be the game to beat once it hits the Philippine market.

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