An SEO Contest made by Marhgil Macuha

Well there is a new mini contest in town and it is sponsored by , and Yes I am joining the SEO Contest. To the regular reader of this site , perhaps you know what will I do but of course there is always new things in SEO. I will try to do some techniques in making it in Google SERP. To tell you the truth I don’t have any idea how to get # 1 in Yahoo.

He was successful to get the top spot on one of the keywords that I join and so this will be an exciting SEO Contest.

Let me do the post by reviewing his site :

has a nice and neat White and Light blue theme on his site. He is blogging on his main site for almost a year now that is why he is sponsoring this contest.

Being a regular visitor on his site , I may say that he also loves SEO as much as I do. His site gives some advise to the newbie in blogging and SEO.

His site Stats are as follows :

What is his supplemental Index Ratio ? = 65.28%

  • Google has a total of 1060 pages indexed from
  • 368 are in the main index
  • 692 are in the supplemental index

What is his Page Rank ? PR 4

His ratified rank is 23 as of today, This might got up after the contest since there are lots of blogger that would like to get the $ 100 and $50 at stake.

He has 246 feed subscribers

What can you find at blog ?

The sites shares information on how to have search engine optimization, money making and some personal notes. as what he quotes on his blog .

This blog is my blog. I am the owner of this blog. I paid for its hosting. Therefore, I am the boss on this blog. Whatever I say here is true, even if you think it’s false.

If you have any PDA or any mobile enabled for Internet then you can browse his site thru your mobile because just recently he make his site mobile enabled. BTW this site is also mobile enabled.

Comments and Recommendation

I just don’t know why he remove AdSense at his main blog and goes to Adbrite, Well really I don’t want the pictures that goes out from his Adbrite. It is kind of annoying. I would suggest him to put back the Adsense code on areas where there is no stop words. He can always use the Adsense Manager Plug-in to do so.

This blog post might not be a winner of his SEO Contest but still it is my pleasure to say something about which also helps me in some ways to increase my SERP.

All I can say is Thanks and Cheers to Pinoy Bloggers.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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