New Google+ Android App, Reader and Google+ Integration

Google + is really doing a lot of improvements with the new version of Android app. The author of Android Power, JR Raphael just announced today the major new update to the Google+ Android app that is now available in the Android Market as Halloween treat download at:

New Google+ Android App, Reader and Google+ Integration

Following are the changes:

  • Completely new app and new visual design
  • Battery life improvements
  • Navigation and performance improvements
  • Significant improvements to notifications
  • Brand new posting UI
  • Several bug fixes
  • Support for Google Apps users
  • Ability to sign out
  • Add people to a circle from circle profiles

These changes will go along a lot with the new Ice Cream Sandwich design (a.k.a. Android 4.0) which he (JR Raphael) excitedly introduces from Google+ social network. This feature will deliver a whole new look and feel for the Ice Cream Sandwich phone users.

Google Reader and Google+ Integration

Another improvement is the rolling out of the new Google Reader design with the sole purpose to streamline with Google+ features. This integration will provide Reader users a lot better experience according to Allan Green, Google software engineer. Features such as:

· New look and feel that’s cleaner, faster, and nicer to look at.

· The ability to +1 a feed item (replacing "Like"), with an option to then share it with your circles on Google+ (replacing "Share" and "Share with Note").


So expect today that existing features from Google Reader will no longer work in favor for Google+ functionality.

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