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People Spend More Time in Facebook Than Google

Sep 19, 2009 by     23 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle

More and more people are being hooked up in facebook, the latest survey from Nielsen reveals that peoples stays longer in Facebook compared to other site. See the table below that I got from mashable.com

Facebook recorded a 5 hour 46 minutes spent compared to Google which is 1 hr 53 minutes which is about 3 times larger. This only means that more and more people are being hooked up in different flash games that facebook is offering like Restaurant City, Farm Ville , Farm Town , Mafia Wars etc. where users tends to comeback because of their obligation in their farm and/or the game.
So is it having threat to Google ? Google seems to have forgotten the value of social networking. They forgot that Social Networking would also be a great source of Advertising. No wonder why lots of Netrepreneur is on Facebook.

If there is a Search Engine Optimization , are we going to here about Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) in the near future. Well this is not impossible since more and more people is being engage in Social Networking.
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  • ..
    I’d like to pretend I’m surprised, but I’m not… my wife LIVES on facebook all the time. It’s very addicting.

  • Nice info sir Dex, pero sa ngayon wala pang gaanong kumikita thru Social Media…

    Pero paano pag-mabili ng Google ang Facebook? 🙂

    enjoy! 😀

    • @metalpigs,

      Sana dumating ang panahon na dag pagkakakitaan rin ito 🙂 Ngatyon ang income sa social ay panay indirect income.. wala pang direct income

  • “If there is a Search Engine Optimization , are we going to here about Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) in the near future.”

    Hello Dex! Actually, it already started, SMO. Ever since companies and individuals started using social media channels, there are some of them who started optimizing their campaigns to be human friendly.

    • @Rob Angeles,

      Thanks for the info.. I have not yet done anything about it.. I think I need to understand ad study that interesting subject.

  • well ako rin i spend more time on facebook..based in the stats that you provided it only shows how famous the facebook now specially sa pinas.

    • @Chris,

      Oo nga sana di maging tulad sa friendster na parang nawala na lang

  • I don’t think Facebook can dominate the world wide web just because of the games and the applications. Users only tend to spend more time using facebook because 1.) They don’t have anything to do besides play/post their pictures and updates/and use facebook chat. 2.) Facebook is like the new friendster for everybody nowadays, and 3.)Social networking can be addictive.

    • @Ferdielicious,

      Although facebook can also evolve like what happen to Google before.

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  • haha true! i spend almost the whole day in facebook, (even if im at the ofc) playing mafia wars, pet society, resto city and the latest, farmville! 🙂

    • @tech blog,

      Naku hirap yun ah.. kapag nahuli yari .. 🙂

  • me too… heheheheh im a facebook addict…. hehehe add me up….

  • Facebook is giving Google a real threat. I think I read somewhere that it has already overtaken Yahoo! for the #2 most popular web site.

    If Facebook integrates a search engine into its engine, it might be goodbye for Google.

    • @ark,

      I agree.. I just hope there will also be Facebook Adsense 🙂

      • @Dexter Panganiban, Haha, that would be additional source of income for us.

      • @ark,

        Great kelan kaya yun 🙂

  • I’m a proof here, I spend almost 3 hours in facebook just playing resto city and pet society! LOL

    • @Kelvin Servigon,

      Ha ha ha.. same with my kids… during days I allow tem to play

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